Wattpad Review Mondays: Karma by @amberlove222

This particular Wattpad work is one that has our reviewer completely charmed. When first asked to review the countless books she has read on the forum, she had no doubt which she wanted to start with.

Karma is starts out as the typical, but quickly moves way beyond it. Opening in high school, you meet Paisley, a popular girl who in the authors own description ‘tries a little too hard’. On a bet, she begins to date Harry; the class nerd, but all around sweet boy. Their relationship evolves, and as Harry falls, Paisley’s guilt grows. So much so, that she eventually tells him the truth, and runs away, leaving him confused and heartbroken.

Very “She’s All That” with a gender role reversal, right? Well, not so much.

The authors own back cover puts the rest, set two years later, perfectly:

Karma has bitten Paisley hard. Her life, over the past two years, has been full of misfortune. Now reunited, and while she’s unaware of it, can they replenish their love? Or has Paisley’s karma forced her to become someone who cannot trust and be dependent of holding onto secrets? And has Harry had a plan all along to seek out his revenge for what she did to him in high school? Or will everything they built up this time, be strong enough for him to forget the past?”


The realism in this work couldn’t not be stressed enough. The reviewer was awed by the honesty and no boundaries way of writing the author used, especially in regards to sensitive subject matter. Topics such as suicide are discussed, and the author admits her writing came from her own experiences. This raw, honest, and heartbreaking additive brings a new level to the book that most other writers fall flat with.

The progression is another solid strength, both with the main character and the relationship. You watch as Paisley grows, leaving her abusive relationship behind in the hopes of better. You witness her strength, determination and courage, as she learns to forgive herself and defeat her demons.


It starts a little cliché, with hot girl meets nerd, falls in love, drama, end. But it doesn’t end there, and what continues is a story that breaks all the molds.

Some secondary characters, it was noted, needed more page time. Even though the story is centered around Paisley and Harry, adding more characters with back story brings more depth and interest for the readers.




Even beyond her literary talents, Amber, herself, is a find. Sweet, humble, genuine and always willing and eager to interact with readers and fans, it is a connection she gives you to herself beyond just her writing. Her honesty with her own struggles, that she had the strength to put on paper, only increases our respect and love for her.





Read & Reviewed by Jay
Article Author Kristi McManus

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