Wattpad Sensation UNDER Optioned for Film – Interview with Kelly Anne Blount


It is no doubt that any author dreams of hitting the big time. Of attaining that lucrative publishing deal…reaching best seller status…of having their book options for film or television. These are all goals that no matter your experience level as a writer, you cant deny have gone through your mind when dreaming of what could be.

Well, for one talented Wattpad writer, all of the above have come to fruition. Kelly Anne Blount, USA Today Bestselling author and host of the Wattpad Block Party, has reached all of these goals; the latest coming only in recent days as she announced her book, UNDER, has been optioned for film/tv. Feel free to cheer for her, because I know we did!

Optioned by Komixx, the organization behind fellow Wattpad author Beth Reekles (@reekles) uber popular The Kissing Booth film adaptation, has taken on Blounts equally as captivating thriller/horror sensation.

UNDER is a captivating young adult thriller, mixing tension and angst in a way that only Blount can do. Set in North Carolina, it tells the story of a boy whose infatuation with a young girl turns to kidnapping, prompting a series of unforeseen consequences.

Komixx, a UK and LA based media firm, admits to taking a unique approach to searching out new talent.

“We found Under having tracked numerous data trends and Kelly is such a talented writer it soon became apparent that it would make for a valuable and lucrative investment,” said Cole-Bulgin. “It has such a captivating and engaging story that will make for great viewing to audiences across the globe.” states Andrew Cole-Bulgin, joint CEO and head of film and TV at Komixx.

Of course, Blount is ecstatic at the news, and rightly so! We here at Fangirlish had the honor and privilege to interview Kelly Anne following the announcement.

First of all, congratulations on all the success! You have reached some incredible milestones through Wattpad. Can you tell us a little about what brought you to the forum?

Thank you so much! I’m über excited to be here with you all on Fangirlish!

My good friend Apryl Baker (AprylBaker7), author of the super popular Ghost Files Series on Wattpad told me about the site and app over two years ago. I immediately signed up and decided to start writing my first dark thriller/horror novel, CAPTURED. Just over two years later, CAPTURED has been read over 11.5 million times and won a prestigious Watty Award, I’ve landed an agent, two movie/TV options, a publishing deal for CAPTURED (Loewe Publishing House in Germany) I joined the Wattpad Ambassadors, and I’ve become a Wattpad Star. I’ve been commissioned by Universal Pictures and Wattpad to write a short story for their horror film, The Visit. I’ve also written a piece for DC Vertigo to get everyone super excited to read the new Vertigo title, SURVIVORS’ CLUB.  The support from the amazing people at Wattpad HQ, my fans, and the Wattpad community in general is unlike anything else out there. Seriously, move over Disney, Wattpad is the happiest place on Earth!

What was your first indication that your work was becoming something of a phenomenon on the site?

When CAPTURED hit one million reads, I realized that I was on to something special. I am so blessed to have such an amazing fan base and for Wattpad to provide the perfect platform for readers and writers across the world!

You have a knack for writing gripping and obsessive thrillers. What is your system for writing such captivating stories? What is your inspiration?

Aw! Thank you! *blushes* I must admit, I have a super dark and twisted imagination. The funny thing is, I’m terrified of all things scary. Seriously, I can’t stand to be in the dark, I have only watched a handful of rated R horror movies in my lifetime, and I am waaaaay to chicken to read other author’s horror novels.

I really enjoy diving into the disturbed minds of my characters. I like to play upon the darkest desires and forbidden thoughts that cross my reader’s minds.

I also love adding twists and turns in my writing and leaving my readers on the edge of their seats. Most importantly, I always aim to end my chapters with a bang and leave desperate for more!

UNDER has been optioned for film by Komixx. Congratulations! How did it feel when you got the news?

I totally did a happy dance when Andrew and Ed from Komixx sent over the option agreement to my agent. Honestly, I was so excited I could barely contain myself!

I knew from the moment I spoke to the geniuses at Komixx about UNDER, that they would be the perfect fit for my dark and twisted project. Their vision coupled with the talent they bring to the table is unbeatable. The icing on the cake is that they completely understand the impact Wattpad is having on the world of entertainment. I’m incredibly excited to see where they take UNDER.

Can you tell us a little bit about UNDER? Without giving away any of the juicy details, of course.

Of course! Here’s a quick look at the synopsis!

Set in Ashville, North Carolina, UNDER tells the story of Caden whose carefully calculated life is spinning out of control. His latest infatuation, Hadley Jasper, is recovering from a devastating accident, which left her twin brother dead. After weeks of stalking Hadley, Caden is ready to make his move. After kidnapping her, unforeseen circumstances force him to take refuge in his family home. This sends Caden down a terrifying rabbit hole as the depth of his turbulent journey starts to unfold.

You are the host of the Wattpad Block Party, which brings together Wattpad writers for a month long event of special features and giveaways. Tell us a bit about the event, and why it is so special to the Wattpad Community.

I created the Wattpad Block Party events as a way to give back to the Wattpad community. A community filled with amazing individuals who have made my successes possible. I wanted a celebration filled with authors and writers reaching out and interacting with their fans. Out of these thoughts… the Wattpad Block Party was born!

Here’s a bit more about the event this summer!

The Wattpad Block Party – Summer Edition II is an epic online event featuring some of your all time favorite Wattpad Super Stars, USA TODAY Bestselling Authors, and up and coming Wattpad writers!

Each author will be featured for a full day in August (2016). The authors will share a special post with you all right here in this book and they will interact with you throughout their feature day and the rest of the month!

There will also be awesome giveaways! Everything from signed paperbacks, to naming a character after the winner, to book reviews of your novel!

When Is It?

The ENTIRE month of August 2016!

Where Is It?

Wattpad, of course!

Who Are the Featured Authors and Writers?

*Check out the next chapter, titled, “Line Up!”

*Line up will be announced soon!

Want to Check Out the Last Wattpad Block Party?

Wattpad Block Party – Winter Edition II  or look through my library for the book!

When Will the Giveaway Links Go Live?

Giveaways will go live in July 2016.

You are a Watty winner, a USA Today Bestseller, and now have a book going to film…what other aspirations do you still hold for your writing?

I have loads of goals I am striving to achieve. I would love to hit the New York Times Bestsellers list, attend red carpet opening night ceremonies for CAPTURED and UNDER all around the world, and I’d love for UNDER to hit 10 million plus reads on Wattpad. J J J

Is there anything you would like to say to anyone out there who is trying to reach your level of success, but feels like they just wont get there?

YOU CAN DO IT! Honestly, believe in yourself, practice and improve your skill set, and don’t be afraid to get yourself out there! Push through boundaries you have set for yourself, brush off rejection letters and any negative thoughts you might have, and remember to give yourself a chance to be the phenomenal and talented person you were born to be!

With the world of Wattpad crossing in to main stream publishing, and now film, we have no doubt other incredible authors will be following in Kelly Anne’s enviable footsteps.

From us here at Fangirlish, congratulations Kelly Anne! We will be first in line when UNDER hits the screen!

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