Wattpad: Talking Stydia and ‘Special Friends’ with @PAKfiction (+ Review)

Hello, Teen Wolf fans! We’re having a very Stydia-fabulous week here on Fangirlish, from our State of the Ship conversation about Stydia and Stalia to the swoon-worthy excerpt from panicattackkisses‘ fic “Special Friends” on Wattpad. Now we’re back to talk to panicattackkisses (a.k.a. Magan) herself about “Special Friends” and all of our Stydia feelings, and we’re also giving you our take on this fabulous fan fiction.

Review: “Special Friends” by panicattackkisses

Our Blurb: If this is what being “special friends” with Stiles Stilinski looks like, sign us up. A rollercoaster of Stydia goodness that will give you all the feels – and has a pleasantly surprising amount of depth.

Overall Rating: 4/5

Synopsis: “Stiles and Lydia experiment with the boundaries of being ‘friends’ and then more. A friends with benefits story, a la Stydia style.”

What We Liked: What starts out as a fun (and hot) “special friends” turned “friends with benefits” scenario develops into a slow burn, on-again-off-again exploration of Stydia with a healthy dose of angst and tons of heart-melting moments. Though the fic is tagged as fluff, it does a great job of characterizing Stiles and Lydia and their evolving relationship. We also get some fun moments with the rest of the pack (including Allison, Isaac, and Danny, which is an extra bonus).

What We Didn’t Like: Though Lydia’s characterization with abandonment issues and relationship defense mechanisms makes total sense in light of all she’s been through, there were a couple of moments when we wished her more fiery nature would have kicked in – namely, where total douche Matt is concerned. But Lydia’s spunk is intact throughout much of the fic, so we can’t complain too much – we just wanted to shove Matt off-page for more Stiles time.

Overall Thoughts: “Special Friends” will give you the full spectrum of Stydia feelings, leading up to a very satisfying conclusion. We loved reading about the ups and downs of Stiles and Lydia’s developing relationship – with so many swoon-worthy romantic interludes in between. It’s a long read, but oh-so-worth-it!

Hot Guy Rating: You really have to ask? As far as Stiles Stilinski is concerned, for us it will always be 6/5.

Interview with the Writer

We also had the chance to chat with “Special Friends” writer Magan, a.k.a. panicattackkisses, about the story, Stydia, and the fabulousness that is Wattpad.

When did you start writing on Wattpad? What inspired you to get started?

I joined Wattpad two months ago but previous to that, I’d been writing for years. I started with Harry Potter fan fiction when I was sixteen, but did it purely for my friend and I.

I published my first Teen Wolf story last April on my Tumblr before growing to FF.net and AO3. It was only when I was asked by a reader if I had Wattpad that I published there, too – it’s so much easier to keep track of stats and converse with readers! I’ve always loved reading and writing, so getting feedback from others is amazing for me.

How fun is it to write for Stiles? With his nervous energy/general flailing, it seems like it would be as hilarious to write as it is to read.

He’s one of my favourite characters to write by far. I find that due to his perceptive traits, it’s really easy to describe situations and scenes. He has so many sides to his personality too, I don’t find myself ever becoming bored or struggling to get his parts down on paper. His frantic sort of behaviour and actions suddenly make humour so much easier for me to write – something that I would normally struggle with.

“Special Friends” is truly an emotional rollercoaster, taking us from romance to angst and back again. Which scene was the most fun to write?

I truly enjoyed writing the chapter “I Miss You,” mainly the scene in the school cafeteria. Nothing really major occurs but it was something that I could, and probably many others, relate to in real life. I think it was just a really awkwardly innocent scene compared to other chapters and I found that I wrote it so easily. I love writing about the group dynamics and interactions within the pack – especially between characters that we don’t usually get to see together in the show. Nervous, stuttering Stiles will forever always be my favourite – there’s truly nothing cuter in my mind.

What is your favorite thing about writing Stydia fan fiction?

Making them my own, as cliché as it sounds. I know I’m just ‘borrowing’ the characters from Jeff Davis and the writers of Teen Wolf, but I have so much fun creating my own world for them. My new story is an AU and something that I’ve loved writing.

Of course, the feedback I receive from readers will always be something I love – just as any other writer would. Messages and reviews can, and have, change my day from bad and good. When I have major writers block, it’s people’s messages that make me work that little harder – I adore knowing people like something I’ve wrote. It still blows my mind.

What is your favorite Stydia moment on Teen Wolf? How are you feeling about the Stydia teases we’ve seen so far in Season 5?

Episode 4, much like every other Stydia fan, has included my favourite moment so far. The look of Stiles’ face when he sees Lydia injured pretty much summed up why we all ship them in the first place. Of course, Dylan’s acting cannot be faulted either – he’s really making this season shine for me.

As far as the teases go, I’m not letting myself get too excited haha! I’m well accustomed to the way the writers bait us now so I’ll be quietly sitting in the corner, waiting impatiently. I do feel that something’s got to give though – surely no sane man would let amazing character development like Stydia go to waste?

What has writing on Wattpad taught you?

Plan. Plan, plan and plan some more. I am terrible at keeping my updates frequent – real life unfortunately gets in the way a lot more than I would like it to. But, luckily I have very understanding and patient readers – so I don’t ever take them for granted either. Every writer should realise that their readers are their backbone, I’d be nothing without them.

Who are your favorite published writers?

I have a lot, J.K Rowling obviously being right up there at number one. I also love Patrick Ness and Jandy Nelson (her book The Sky is Everywhere is one of my all time loves). But recently, I’ve been diving into the genre of ‘New Adult’ and reading books from the likes of Stephanie Perkins and J. Lynn – both major inspiration for my new fic when it comes to the American college scene.

Who are your favorite Wattpad writers?

I don’t have a lot of spare time to read, definitely not as much as I would like to. However, when I do, I read everything that Zaligirl can give me. Her stories are so well-written and have the most beautiful descriptions I’ve ever read. She’s a huge inspiration to me as well as being a good friend.

If you haven’t read “Special Friends” yet, you can check it out here. If you have read it, let us know what you think! Follow Magan and find the rest of her fan fiction on Wattpad.

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