Wattpad Stars Help Kick off Sony TV/Komixx Partnership

Any of us who enjoy reading on Wattpad can probably agree that when reading a story that we really love, you can’t help but wonder what it would be like on the big or small screen. Who will play the characters, how will it translate to film, and how will the story feel when changing from the page to the screen?

Well, for two of Wattpad’s biggest and brightest stars, they are about to find out!

Uber Entertainment giant Sony has partnered with Komixx Entertainment, known for specializing in young adult content. While Sony already has children’s and come TV series under their belt, this will be their launch into the YA world. With the help of Komixx, who has already taken Wattpad hit ‘The Kissing Booth’ and brought it to the Netflix screen, this new partnership is sure to bring more amazing content!

One of the first projects slated for this new match up is Kelly Anne Blount’s thriller, Captured, which has dominated on the Wattpad platform with more than 17 million reads. Along with Blount, Wattpad superstar Ali Novak will see her popular ‘My Life With the Walter Boys’ brought to life, which has gained more than 65 million reads on the Wattpad forum. Both books were optioned for production previously by Komixx, and now with this new venture with Sony, it looks like they will be making their way to the screen in a big way.

Sony Pictures Television president Wayne Garvie said:

“The number of young-adult book titles has more than doubled in the last decade and the popularity of self-publishing sites, like Wattpad, have created a surge in original young-adult content. It’s an excellent time to be adapting these characters and stories for video.”

As a HUGE fan of both these writers, and these respective stories, I can’t wait to see how they translate onto the screen. And we here at Fangirlish can’t congratulate Kelly and Ali enough for this amazing new achievement!

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