This week’s Wattpad Friday is Her Royal Highness

We’re back with another amazing wattpad story. This week, we feature “Her Royal Highness” by kristimcm, an amazing author we’re obsessesing over, and who was our wattpad writer or the week aswell.

Our Blurb: An amazing and different story where you’re able to see what it would be like to be a princess and it isn’t going to be like on the fairy tales.

Overall Rating: 5/5



“Charlotte has everything any girl could ever want. She’s beautiful, rich, and famous. But she’s also sullen, lost and angry. She has no choices, no options, every decision in her life made from her before birth. In turn, she takes the few choices that are hers, and loses herself in them. The nightlife, the clubs, and the power that comes with her name. Until she makes a mistake she cant take back, and everything falls apart. Her family gives her an ultimatum: take a guardian, or suffer the consequences.

This ‘guardian’ is not what she expected. Tall, slim and sexy, she immediately assumes he will fall under her spell. But when she is met with resistance, and a sudden requirement to follow the rules, she wonders if going to jail may have been preferable to having Harry Styles as her guardian.”


What We Liked: I love the fact that this story is about royalty because I’ve never read anything like it, so it’s different, Charlotte is not what your typical princess would be, and I’m in love with guardian Harry so much already. I love how the characters are presented and also enjoy how detail everything is.

What We Didn’t Like: Honestly there is nothing I don’t like so far, kristi is winning me over with this story as much as her other series!

Hot Guy Rating: Guardian Harry is a 10 from me.




Overall Thoughts: Although the story is just beggining you can tell it’s gonna be an amazing one and I’m totally looking fordward to see how it’s gonna end up.


If you’ve read it already, let me know what you think in the comments, if not:



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