Wattpad Summer Conference 2016 Day Five Coverage

Well, the Wattpad Summer Conference 2016 has come to a close, with day five bringing us the final installments of amazing talks, author spotlights and give aways. Let’s have a look at what went on today…

The first talk comes from one of my personal favs, the lovely Rebecca Sky. A Wattpad Star, author in the IMAGINES anthology, and Watty winner, I am sure anyone who has been around Wattpad for a little while has heard her name.

In a post that I am sure we can all relate to, Sky discusses online writing! A 12 minute Youtube video originally posted by Wattpad in January discusses the online fiction world in a SKILLS class she offered!

Since it is all video, I will let you check it out HERE


The final author spotlight is with someone I am sure most of you, if not everyone, has heard of in the Wattpad world. Taran Matharu is another one of the lucky Wattpaders turned full fledged author, and even New York Times bestseller!

It all started with a talk by Penguin at the University of Bath. Discussing the trends of the online writing world and the impacts in literature, that was what it took to have Taran hooked. This talk also introduced him to a career path he hadnt originally considered, an internship with the biggest publishing house in the world, and more! Matharu checked out Wattpad, which brought his work to a whole new group of readers. While travelling, these works hit the one million mark…but that wasn’t all…

A reporter from NBC got in touch, and it seems everything went up from there…agents, submissions, and finally, I publishing deal!

Want to know more of this amazing journey? Check it out HERE



In a second author spotlight, we are introduced to Sarah Benson.

Like so many of us, the writing bug hit Sarah as a child, but as we get older life tends to get in the way. It wasn’t until she was grown with children that the pen found her hand again. The fear that we all feel when thinking of how others will react to our work was no foreign concept to Benson, who finally bit the proverbial bullet and put her work on Wattpad. But she didn’t just post her stories and become a success. She put the work in, researching how to gain readers and engage the Wattpad community from other successful writers of the forum. And it paid off, as the reads poured in, and Benson found a truly supportive group of fellow writers within the forum.

Proving that Wattpad isn’t just about reading…it is a community that supports, guides and influences the writing world!

Check out more with Sarah HERE

I hope you all have enjoyed the Wattpad Summer Conference 2016, hosted by The Write Place. Please check out the site, the works of these authors, and show your love of the Wattpad community!


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