Wattpad Summer Conference 2016 Day Four Coverage

Sorry for the late coverage, but Im back to catch you up on everything that went on with day four of the Wattpad Summer Conference! Like with days previous, you will find interesting and informative talks, author interviews and amazing give aways you will be scrambling to take part in!

Lets check it out!

The first talk is one that makes a real first impression. Stephanie Saw aka @seventhstar talks about book covers that grab your readers attention!

If course, Stephanie doesn’t just tinker and hope for the best. As a professional graphic designer with a resume that includes not only Wattpad, but also USA Today Bestsellers, this girl knows what shes talking about!

Saw discusses things that seem to draw young readers to covers immediately…such as:

A half naked man (well, lets be honest, I would look too!)

A half naked man with abs (continuing to look)

A half naked man with a lady (still looking at him just now wondering who this girl is moving in on my man)

And…a cover with a wolf, and a half naked man (Im still looking at him, but not slightly confused why there is a wolf in the picture)

As Saw points out, the majority of readers on Wattpad are under the page of eighteen, and female. Taking this into consideration, you need to target not only your writing, but your covers to this demographic.

Some things to avoid:

Text slap (don’t just put text over a pretty picture)

Avoid blurry pictures

Avoid certain fonts, and keep them legible!

And more…

Want to know the more? Well, you’re going to have to check out the feature HERE




The author spotlight is with Shaun Allen, telling how an introverted childhood developed his love of reading and writing, and was the foundation for a successful writing career!

Now, with his book Sin, he has found a cheeky success. Reading #1 on Goodreads above favorites such as Harry Potter and Mortal Instruments, Allen has found his place. Then, he discovered Wattpad, and it all went up from there!

As a Wattpad Star, he now writes for Universal Studios, Goosebumps and DC comics. He has found a home of sorts within the Wattpad community, like any of us who have fallen in love with the forum can relate.

Want to know more? Well, you’re going to have to read HERE




The second talk of the day is with Lucy Rhodes or @LucyFace on Wattpad. Keeping with the theme of book covers, Rhodes discusses the importance of that first impression.

Rhodes discusses author branding: small little things like font and imagery that reflect the author, not just the book itself. These things, like Anna Todds infinity heart logo, become synonymous with a writer, and carry on to remind readers of their relation to the books even in outside settings.

One statement that seems to summarize the entire necessity of a good cover? This:

Give a reader what they want in a cover, and they will stop to read the blurb

THIS! This is something that is so simple, and yet, so many people don’t consider. But Rhodes puts in it a direct and easy to relate manner that makes you go YES!

Things to avoid however, include too much text, inappropriate imagery, and the impact of black and white…

Intrigued? Yes? Read more HERE




Now on to the all important and exciting Give Aways! WOOT!

Stephanie Saw is giving away digital bookmark with you can print, as well as a pre-made Wattpad cover! You can have a REAL cover made by a pro!

Be sure to enter! And check out the details HERE


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