Wattpad Summer Conference 2016 Day Two Coverage

Taking in day two of The Write Place Summer online Wattpad Conference, you will find even more amazing posts and talks from Wattpad stars, incredible give aways, and sneak peaks for projects from some online favs. Being held July 24-29, you wont get this opportunity anywhere but Wattpad!

The first talk of the day was from Amy DuBoff aka @AmyDuBoff, highlighting the path from Wattpad to the Bookstore…the self publishing path, that is. Reviewing what it takes to be a self pubbed author, DuBoff gives a real life experience talk on the ins and outs of what you have to do to balance life and your self pub writerhood.

The first note? You are a one writer stop. You are the writer, marketer, promo, and businessperson all rolled into one delicious little snack. Why? Because you don’t have the traditional team of individuals who do each of these things for you when you self pub. You need to know the ins and outs, and put in the work sometimes late into the night, since as mentioned, you still have a day job to pay the bills.

DuBoff reviews other things to be aware of when choosing this route, but is quick to mention that Wattpad is an incredible starting point for anyone considering taking this leap. Why? You already have a built in fan base! People have read your work, raved about it, and begged to have a real live copy in their hands. This connectivity to readers is something unique to Wattpad, and gives a platform for self pubbed authors like nothing else.

Other items to be aware of? Social media presence, ARC (advanced reader copies) available, have multiple editors, and more!

Want to know more of what it takes? You’re going to have to check out the feature HERE




Next, is another spotlight on another incredible Wattpad writer, Michelle Jo Quinn.


Quinn started out like all (or at least most) Wattpad writers…writing for herself, and her love of the medium. Admittedly, she had very little reads after joining Wattpad in February 2014, and even considered deleting her account that summer after not feeling her work was gaining much ground. But, with words from a wise friend, she kept at it…and shes glad she did!


She is now a Watty winner, has 3million reads on her work ‘Confessions of a Wedding Planner’, and shows no signs of stopping now. Signed with Limitless Publishing for a separate title, now Quinn is venturing into the self pub world with Confessions, released today!


What’s more? She is a wattpad star, and took part in the Imagines book through Simon and Schuster.


Quinn shows you that tenacity and effort can go a long way in the Wattpad world, and gives you motivation to not give up!


Check out her feature HERE




Editing. The bane of any writers existence (or maybe just mine). You have spent hundreds or maybe thousands of hours writing your perfect novel, only to find spelling errors, sidetracked plots and little quirks that when you read it through again drive you bonkers.


That is where editing comes in.


Jamie Harris talks on the Art of Editing, giving insight to the whys and hows of this important step in writing.


The main premise of this piece is to show you all that editors are not there to tear your beautiful work to pieces….at least not intentionally. They are there to help, to see the insights, and in many ways are your most valuable reader! They find the errors, but also give you a feel for how others take your book from a more professional standpoint.


Harris goes in to quite a bit of depth in his piece, and I am in no way able to break it down sufficiently in this short blurb, so I encourage you all to check it out HERE




Wouldn’t you love to snag some great gifts from some equally as great Wattpaders? Of course you would!


Check out todays give aways from the conference HERE


Amy DuBoff is offering 3 copies of Cadicle Omnibus in ebook format of the winners choice


Michelle Jo Quinn is offering a $10 Amazon gift card, plus an ebook copy of her new release Confessions of a Wedding Planner


Jamie Harris is offering a FULL manuscript edit of your book…it must be complete, and must be offered in full on Wattpad


Stay tuned for more when day three kicks off tomorrow!

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