Wattpad & Target bring you #OnceUponNow

We all know Wattpad has a way of generating some of the best new authors on the market, giving online writers the opportunity to break in to traditional publishing. Whether it is pairing with Sourcebooks to host the #submit2sourcebooks promo, or their contests in collaboration with Target and Gallery Books, Wattpad gives writers access to the publishing world they may not have had otherwise.

Well, their latest contest, a joint venture with Target and Gallery Books, is here, and it is amazing! #OnceUponNow challenges writers to bring new life to old tales, taking our beloved fairytales and giving them a modern twist. Thousands of writers have applied, and June 14 is the first official day of voting, which ends June 21. That is only seven days to rave about your favs!

Rules and Regulations are the usual…

  • must be in English
  • between 4000 – 9000 words
  • the writers own intellectual property
  • have the tag #OnceUponNow
  • writer must be at least 13 years old
  • legal resident of the US (this one broke my heart, since I entered but am Canadian)

For those of you interested in checking out a few of these neat new short stories, I have complied a list here. This is by far not an all inclusive list, as there have been thousands of entries! But there are lots here to choose from, so if you fancy any, be sure to vote!

Check out the contest HERE

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