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Hi guys! We’re back with another amazing author of Wattpad, this week we talked with Kristi, who has been on Wattpad for just over a year and has over 10 books!

[highlight]When did you start writing on Wattpad?[/highlight]
I started writing on Wattpad in 2014, I believe. I had started off on Archive of our Own, but had heard quite a bit about the Wattpad community via Twitter and decided to check it out. I have found it to be an amazing forum for writers to test the waters and meet others with the same interests.

[highlight]What made you decide start posting your work on Wattpad?[/highlight]
I had already posted a few one shots and one full length fan fiction on AO3, and decided to try out Wattpad as an alternative. The forum seemed to be higher traffic and more interactive than I had experienced in the online writing world so far, and I wanted to branch out.

[highlight]What made Wattpad the best outlet for your writing?[/highlight]
The community itself! Everyone from the other writers, to the readers, and even the staff at headquarters are supportive and encouraging. It is more than just read counts; it is comments, suggestions for improvements, and more. It has been the best possibly community for me to test the waters of writing.

[highlight]Why is it that you write?[/highlight]
The freedom to lose yourself in your own world, I suppose. I love reading, and getting lost in another life. Writing is the same, but it is a world you create yourself. You control everything that happens; everything said. It is a freedom I haven’t yet experience with any other medium.

[highlight]Do you want to be an author?[/highlight]
Definitely. I have been actively seeking literary agent and/or publisher representation over the last few months. It is much more difficult than people assume, as there are SO many other writers going for the same goals, with a limited number of spaces annually for new clients with agents and publishers.
I recently entered the submit2sourcebooks initiative through Wattpad, and am waiting to hear through them.

[highlight]If you could give any advice to a Wattpad writer, what would it be?[/highlight]
Just write. I know that sounds kind of silly, but that is the most basic thing. Just write what you think, what you feel. There are no limits!

[highlight]What fandom do you think that you would never write about?[/highlight]
I’m not sure. Sometimes I have little story ideas come up about shows I watch; even recently Making a Murderer! But in terms of fandoms, I don’t think I could write a Justin Beiber story. I’m not really a fan, and to write, I think you need to connect with the person to portray them justly.

[highlight] What fandom do you want to write about?[/highlight]
Currently, I write mainly One Direction fiction. Only one story is of them as they are, the rest being alternate universe. Eventually I would like to branch out to Mortal Instruments, maybe something random like Walking Dead. There are so many options.

[highlight]What made you decide to write fan fiction?[/highlight]
I had written a bit of fan fiction back when I was younger, in the NSync days. They were popular back then, even before the world of social media and online writing was what it is now. When I started becoming a 1D fan, I kept thinking of little story lines that went along with them. Eventually, I just started to write them down, and it grew from there.

[highlight]Who are your favorite published authors?[/highlight]
So many…
JK Rowling – I love the world she created with Harry Potter, mixing real life challenges of love and finding yourself with a magical twist
Cassandra Clare – The cross of angels and demons, and how there is an entire other world just beyond an invisible veil from our own is exciting!
Vincent Lam – a personal friend and prize winning author whom I worked with in the ER for many years; he was the first one to make me consider really writing for myself.

[highlight]What’s the best comment that you ever received from a reader?[/highlight]
There have been so many. The readers who have taken the time to read my work have been so incredible and kind. I’ve had some say that Afterlife was the best fiction they had read on Wattpad, others saying that it rivaled their love for Anna Todd’s After. Anyone to takes time to write to me has been so supportive and I appreciate it so much!

[highlight]Who are your favorite Wattpad writers?[/highlight]
Anna Todd, to start. I loved the first book of the After series, and it was actually her that gave me the final push in to writing 1D fiction. She has also been incredibly supportive and helpful to me in finding my own publishing path
There are so many that I love; @chanmapan, @jhildey, @hesinstripes, @EstelleMaskame…SO many

[highlight] Tell us about a story you’ve written that you’re most proud of and why people should be reading it.[/highlight]
I hate to play favorites with any of my work, but I have to admit that I am partial to Afterlife. I think the story line is unique, while at the same time it parallels a real relationship. They don’t meet and fall in love in the course of a week. It is a true progression, with angst, back and forth, and challenges just like any relationship. The final installment throws them for a curve, but it makes them stronger. I like how it turned out, and the response has been amazing.


Afterlife was featured by sugarscape this January as a 1D fan fic must readv


[highlight]Do you ever write from experience?[/highlight]
I have. Some parts of various works are from life experience. The trip Harry and Aubrey take to the Bahamas in Through the Dark is actually my own honeymoon. The trip to Somalia that Lane embarks on in Afterlife: Reincarnation shows some cases that I faced while working as a nurse on a medical brigade team several years ago. Life really is like that in some areas, and I have seen it. I wanted to bring that to life through my fiction as best I could.

[highlight]Have you made friends thanks to being an author on Wattpad? [/highlight]
YES! I have actually become close with several of my readers and other writers on Wattpad. @Hes_the_1 has been an incredible supporter since I started, the same with @chanmapan. Other writers such as @hesinstripes, @styles_orama and others have become amazing friends!

[highlight]Do you have any more stories planned to post on Wattpad?[/highlight]
I have a few actually. I am currently writing another AU 1D (Harry Styles) fiction called Her Royal Highness. I only started it about 10 days ago, and it has already surpassed 1100 reads, which is amazing to me. I have a couple other ideas for future work, so have a feeling 2016 will be a busy writing year for me!

So that is it for my interview with Kristi! Thanks for accepting to be a part of this! It was a great time getting to know you :).

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