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Wattpad Writer Wednesday with @amberlove222

Wattpad Writer Wednesday with @amberlove222

wwwBringing you the best and brightest of Wattpad, our WWW feature introduces you to some new authors, some old favs, but most of all those you NEED to be following!

This week we bring you the lovely, the talented, the hilarious @amberlove222

When did you start on Wattpad?
I joined Wattpad in June 2015.
What made you decide to start posting your work?
Writing has always been something I have enjoyed, but was never sure if I was very good at. I loved that people could give comments and votes and figured it would be a good way to find out if I had any sort of talent.
What makes Wattpad the best outlet for your writing? 
The support from friends and people who love what I write helped me to complete my first book ever. I am pretty good at procrastinating, but knowing that there were people who wanted me to continue, was the push I needed to keep going. Without those supporters, I don’t think I would have finished Karma yet, or started writing another book.
Why is it that you write?
Writing is everything I’ve ever been. For me, it’s the only true way to escape reality, when things may seem too much or too little. And only in my writing will you see how beautifully and tragically my mind has wandered. It’s therapy. I need it to breathe, and I hope that through the words that I write, if people can relate to the characters I create, they will see that they aren’t alone.


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Do you want to be an Author?
I feel as though all writers on Wattpad are authors. But if this means a published author, then yes. That is the ultimate dream.
If you could give any Wattpad writer advice what would it be? 
Forget the Read counts and the votes. Writing is meant to be something we all enjoy. If you are doing it to get the reads and the votes as if it’s some popularity contest, you’re not writing for the right reason. If writing is what you love to do, keep doing it. It will show in your stories and the reads will come. Books don’t magically get 100K reads over night. You have to put time and effort to receive them.
What fandom do you think you would never write about? 
Probably anything Justin Bieber related.
What fandom would you want to write about? 
So far, I’ve only ever written Harry Styles fanfiction and I’ve never thought of writing other fandom based books. But possibly 5 Seconds of Summer.
Who are your favorite published Authors?
No one will ever beat my love for J.K Rowling. She is simply a genius in my mind. I also love Nicholas Sparks and John Green and of course Anna Todd, among many others.
What is the best comment you’ve ever gotten from a reader?
I’ve been extremely lucky when it comes to comments on my books. People have always been incredibly nice, from saying that Karma is one of the best books they’ve read on Wattpad to thinking I’m the next Emily Bronte and thinking my book is better than the whole After series. I think my favorites though, are the ones who say they can’t wait until Karma gets published because they want a hard copy on their shelves and would love to see them made into movies or TV series. They all kind of just blow my mind.
Who are your favorite Wattpad Writers?
I have so many favorites! My best friend who I met on Wattpad, @Allianonymous. @Allyrwilliams, who I got to meet at #NYCWattCon a few weeks ago (one of the coolest moments ever!), @Kristimcm, @_danimoon_, @saswee4, @Dirtyyarn, @Styles_orama, @Alessandra…the list goes on.
Tell us about a story you have written that you are proud of and why people should read it?
So far, I have only one completed book — Karma. I’m not only proud of it because it’s the first book I finished, but because so many people loved it. They were able to take from it exactly what I wanted them to as they read it.
50482863-144-k119370I think people should read it, because it’s not your typical love story.
It’s about a girl named Paisley who believes that the past she was forced to live, was karma getting her for hurting the boy she loved in high school (Harry). And while she suffers from a memory block due to being traumatized from this past, she meets the boy she hurt, for the first time all over again.
On a mission to defeat her demons, you follow Paisley’s journey as she learns to trust again while her past continues to haunt her dreams. But with Harry by her side, helping her to become the positive girl she used to be, it is with good question what his real motives are when it comes to her.
Do you ever write from experience?
Definitely. I like to write realistically and so taking from experience only helps to make my writing that much better.
Have you made friends from being a writer on Wattpad?
Yes!  It’s something that I love most about Wattpad. How writing and reading brings people together. I’ve met some of the best friends I’ve ever had because of Wattpad, and I will always be so grateful for that.
What is your most well known story and why do you think it is popular?
My most well known story is Karma. I think it’s popular because although what the MC goes through isn’t common (at least how she experienced it), people can still relate to her character on so many levels. Plus, having Harry Styles in it, probably helps out, even if it’s just a little bit.

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