#Wattpad Writer Spotlight: Meet @1d_jollygood

Work got really busy this week, so instead of a Friday review of a Wattpad story, we’re giving you another author spotlight.

Well back to my underachieving ways… because this Wattpad Writer is also just around the age of 16 and has racked up a crap ton of reads and over 66,000 followers. For being so young, she’s got a lot of wisdom to give! Meet @1d_jollygood. She’s wise beyond her years!

When did you start writing on Wattpad?

I started writing on Wattpad six months after creating an account back in 2012! I just turned thirteen and I was very excited to read tons of books.

What inspired you to write on Wattpad?

I always used to read fan fiction, but I never had the courage to write my own story until my friend wanted to write herself. And of course, I wanted to write too, so I posted my first story a day after she posted hers. I remember getting excited when I had three reads!

What has writing on Wattpad taught you?

Writing on Wattpad has taught me that you don’t necessarily have to have a huge talent to create something captivating. When I first started, I was terrible. My chapters were dull and boring, and each sentence started with ‘I went’ or ‘I walked’, and it just sounded like I was writing an instruction manual. But as I wrote more, I listened to criticism given and gradually improved. So, as long as you set your mind to it, you can achieve it. Anyone can become a writer in my opinion.

Why did you choose to write Fan Fiction?

I chose to write fan fiction because of my obsession over One Direction. I was and am still young, and I’m infatuated with romance, like every teenager. Harry Styles is my favourite member and there was something about him that just made me want to write countless books about me and him in an alternate universe. But now I can’t imagine myself in these books at all, it went away as I found a passion in writing. I was more focused on creating suspense than writing lovey dovey chapters.

What is your favorite part of writing Fan Fiction?

My favourite part of writing fan fiction is the satire. I like to try and send a message to my readers that make them think for a while. I sometimes make some of my characters discuss something rather controversial, such as questioning the existence of God or the brutality of the rape culture. And it’s interesting to see what my readers reply to those extracts. Sometimes they agree with what has been discussed between the characters, and sometimes they don’t.

What fandom do you think would be the hardest fandom to write in?

The hardest fandom to write in would probably be the One Direction fandom. We love our boys endlessly, and anything said negatively about them in a book could cause some conflict. So, if anyone’s considering writing a 1D fanfic, don’t get on the fandom’s bad side. Be nice, always.

What’s been the best compliment you received from a fan?

The best compliment I received from a fan would probably be from multiple people. I love it when people spend time to make trailers, fan pages, fan accounts, photo edits and video edit of my books. It may not be a long letter to tell me how much they love my writing, but it’s still the most amazing feeling to see a reader create an account dedicated to my account or books. It’s wonderful.

Who are your favorite published authors?

My favourite published author is Oxana Kalemi. She wrote a book called ‘Mummy, come home’ and it is based on her real life situations as a woman who was raped, domestically abused and forced into trafficking. I actually had the chance to talk to her via Facebook and she was very polite. We talked about her book, which was actually very interesting. It’s a good read, and I recommend it.

What advice do you have for Wattpad writers?

My advice for my Wattpad fans would be to always be kind to one another, especially if you’re writing a book and having trouble taking criticism. Always accept what is said if it helps you improve, because you won’t grow as a writer or person if you keep making the same mistakes. Ask your readers what they think of your book, and always be respectful and open to the replies. Remember, Wattpad is a friendly community and it’s great to share your feelings in your writing. If anyone is thinking about starting to write, I suggest you give it a try! Your book is your diary, let everything out.

Who is your favorite Wattpad writer?

I love the Wattpad writer, @writetospeak. Her book, The Black Swan is a Harry Styles fan fiction and it’s so captivating. I was never disinterested in her chapters, and it’s very hard for me to focus solely on one thing- so, it was great to be able to read a book and stay intrigued.

Tell us about your favorite story that you have written and why people should be reading it.

My favourite fan fiction that I have written is Crazed. The main protagonist is Harry Styles, as always. I love writing it and I definitely think it unique in a way. It takes place in London and it revolves around the female character, Jamie. She is a counsellor in the local hospital for psychiatry. And after hearing multiple mentions of a regular patient Harry Styles, she soon becomes his counsellor after his multiple suicide attempts to try and figure out what’s causing them apart from his traumatic childhood. He has a list of illnesses, but his schizophrenia is what worries everyone around him. He is convinced that he has voices inside his head that have complete control over him and force him to do dangerous things to himself and others. Jamie and Harry begin to form a secret bond between each other, they both start developing feelings that a patient and counsellor should never experience. But things start to get weird for Jamie as she lets Harry into her life, and she notices that the people around her are disappearing. She soon realises that the more time she spends trying to fix Harry’s ways, the more she wonders if the voices in his head are actually a part of his imagination, or if there is something that Harry has been hiding from her.

I think people need to read this because it’s a sinister story. It has content that people may find scary, but I take that as a compliment. It has a relationship with a lot of emotional problems, and it shows how to overcome these problems in the most unimaginable, sick, twisted way. The bond that Jamie and Harry share is far from normal, and I know people will be intrigued by it because it’s so different. It has many plot twists and disturbing parts, but I’m happy it’s that way. I love this book because I know people probably haven’t read anything like it before.

Read all of her works here!


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