Wattpad Writer Wednesday – @nicolothy

There is no denying there is an endless stream of incredible and talented writers on Wattpad. From beginners, to seasoned pros, there is literally something for everyone. But most of these writers will tell you that as with any creative outlet, it takes practice to find your groove with writing. You write, edit, erase and start again, and alot of the time it takes a while to get to a place where your writing truly captivates your audience.

This writer, however, admittedly has a knack for skill right off the block. Even though she is still working on her debut work, Something Great, the fanfare around this book is growing rapidly!

Please meet Nic, Wattpad writer @nicolothy!

When did you start writing on Wattpad?
About a week ago – no joke!

What made you decide start posting your work on Wattpad?

I’ve always enjoyed writing, ever since my creative writing class in high school. I actually thought about making it a career, but I convinced myself that I’d never make a living doing it. So, Wattpad offered me a, albeit belated, creative outlet. That, and I’d had this plot idea formulating in my brain for over a year! I needed to make it real, put it in writing.

What made Wattpad the best outlet for your writing?

It’s an open format, where people are free to comment on your work and give you immediate feedback. If my work sucks? I expect people to tell me. I kind of hope they do!

Why is it that you write?

Like I mentioned, it’s a creative outlet. I’ve tried scrap booking, painting, cooking (which I suck at…I’m kinda surprised I haven’t accidentally poisoned anyone yet), but none of them let my imagination, which is vivid, run wild. It’s kinda therapeutic actually!

Do you want to be an author?

Probably not as an actual career at this point; for one, I love my job. For another, I’m not sure if want that kind of pressure. I like the idea of it being just a hobby, something for me, and the people awesome enough to read my stuff, to just enjoy.

If you could give any advice to a Wattpad writer, what would it be?

Just write what you feel. I haven’t received any hateful, negative comments yet, since I’m so new, but I know they’re out there. Not everybody is going to like or appreciate your work. Do it for you. Don’t focus on pleasing other people, or making your stories fit the mold of what you think people want.

What fandom do you think that you would never write about?

Frankly, I’m not in many fandoms, so that would be a really long list.

What fandom do you want to write about?

Maybe The Walking Dead, or Supernatural?

What made you decide to write fan fiction?

Honestly? It’s fun to flesh out a fantasy, and fan fiction allows you to start with the foundation of a real person for characterization purposes. It’s easier to tease the imagination of your reader, to trigger the fantasies they may already have, by starting with a real person. I chose Harry, because in many ways, he’s an enigma. I can use a song or a photograph to inspire an entire back story.

Who are your favorite published authors?

I’m drawn to stories more than particular authors, but I really love Jodi Piccoult. She takes real life issues from current events, and always adds a twist. Her characters are real and flawed.

What’s the best comment that you ever received from a reader?

There’s been a few – that my work was well-written, and that they couldn’t wait for more – that my work made them want to keep reading! I love hearing that my descriptions took people to that moment.

Who are your favorite Wattpad writers?

Oh wow, WalkstarStyles, ScoobySnacks, Kristmcm, styles legend, too many to name!!

Tell us about a story you’ve written that you’re most proud of and why people should be reading it.

Something Great, duh! Ha! I think because Natalie is a character that many women can relate to. It also depicts Harry much more realistically. Lots of drama on the way!

Do you ever write from experience?

Yes. My current piece, Something Great, is based in many ways (at least in the characterization of Natalie) on my own life. I’ve experienced loss (not of my husband, thankfully), I’m a mother. To get inside her head I kind of have to put myself in her shoes and think of how I would react. Helps make it more real!

Have you made friends thanks to being an author on Wattpad?

It’s actually the other way around – the friends I made on Twitter, because of One Direction, introduced me to Wattpad, and encouraged me to actually post something of my own!

What’s your most well known story and why do you think it’s the most popular?

Well, Something Great is my first story, so it is my best known. lol. The popularity has been so amazing in such a short time, and I am so thankful and hope everyone continues to enjoy it!

Read the story HERE

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