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Wattpad Writer Wednesday with Rythma Ekanayake

Wattpad Writer Wednesday with Rythma Ekanayake

Bringing you more exclusive interviews from world of Wattpad, this week we introduce Rythma Ekanayake, aka @rhythmwithlove


When did you start on Wattpad?
I started on Wattpad in October 2014.
What made you decide to start posting your work?
I was amazed by the feeling of community and how supportive readers were and decided that I should give it a shot too!
What makes Wattpad the best outlet for your writing? 
Being able to update in parts helps me develop my stories as I go along, sometimes old ideas are replaced by better ones. As I grow older my emotions change and because of that so do my characters and it feels more…realistic to my readers that way because they see growth (I hope). Also, the support from the community is all the inspiration and encouragement you need to keep writing!
Why is it that you write?
I’ve always had the need to connect with people and from a very young age because of my love for books I’ve known that writers have a great and true power to do that. I have things I want to say. I want to share all these emotions and experiences and mostly I want to give something to the world and for now I only seem to have these words to give, and so I write, hoping that it helps someone else get through their days and that they take something away every time they read.
Do you want to be an Author?
That is the ultimate dream! And hopefully someday soon a reality.

If you could give any Wattpad writer advice what would it be? 
In a community as large as Wattpad it’s easy to get discouraged at first when the reads aren’t coming in as fast as you expected. We’ve all been there but eventually people start to take notice and if they love your stories they keep coming back. Don’t lose hope and write because you love to write. Give it all you got and be kind to your readers, always!
What fandom do you think you would never write about? 
I would probably never write anything vampire related because everything my brain could possibly think of has already been written, haha!
 What fandom would you want to write about? 
I am a Belieber and I have yet to write a story for my fandom. It will happen soon, I promise.

Who are your favorite published Authors?

J.K Rowling, Cassandra Clare, Jandy Nelson, Jennifer Niven, Stephanie Perkins (the list will never end so I’ll leave you guys with my top five)

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What is the best comment that you’ve ever gotten from a reader? 
Oh man, that’s tough because there are so many I love and have cried at. But I seem to get a lot of “You’ve ruined my life but I still love you god this hurts when are you getting this published???” 
Who are your favorite Wattpad Writers? 
Tell us about a story you have written that your are proud of and why people should read it? 
img_1366I’m proud of all three of the stories I’ve put up on Wattpad so far, not because I think they are masterpieces or something because they are not. Sometimes I feel like they are utter rubbish but when I read back through every word that I have spent my time on, I feel a sense of pride. Never Enough was my very first story and I never expected it to go where it did, I’m proud to say that it turned out into a story that I would personally sit down and read. Many of my readers have said that my stories are emotional rollercoasters and I admit that they are. I like emotion, a book without emotion is nothing. So if you vibe with that kind of thing and want to have a good cry, I suggest Never Enough.
Do you ever write from experience?
I write mostly from my own experience or my experiences with other people. I feel others emotions on a very deep level and that has helped me write my stories. However I have yet to experience a lot of the things I have put my characters through, I just hope I have what it takes to survive it like they did.
Have you made friends from being a writer on Wattpad?
I have made lifelong friends through Wattpad. Specially my internet best friend who I bonded with because of Wattpad in the beginning. She was the first and biggest supporter of my work and I’m eternally grateful to her. Shout out to you, Monti (@heyhoodalicious)
What is your most well known story and why do you think it’s popular?
My most well known story would be my first one which is called Never Enough. It won the 2015 Wattys Peoples Choice Award so it’s definitely a people’s favorite. I think people like it because it’s quite realistic once you get past the first couple of chapters. The struggles and scenarios are quite simple yet effective coupled with a lot of emotion and I think readers really appreciate that.


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