#Wattpad Writer Wednesday: Today We Talk To @sloppiIy

It’s Wednesday again – which means that we get to bring you an interview with another Wattpad author that we adore. We always loves to see what makes an author tick. This week read all about CNRWalsh and be sure to follow he on Wattpad here.

When did you start writing on Wattpad?

I started writing on Wattpad towards the end of 2013. So, for more than a year now.

What inspired you to write on Wattpad?

Ironically, my former best friend was the person who inspired me to write on Wattpad. When we were twelve, we were both avid users on Fanfiction.net. Unlike me, though, she was an excellent writer. Her stories made me believe she was just your average mature adult because her writing style was that impeccable. She and I no longer speak on a daily basis but the fame she received on Fanfiction.net made me want to do the same thing. And, bam! I started to write on Wattpad.

What has writing on Wattpad taught you?

Writing on Wattpad has taught me several things but the most important lesson I’ve learned throughout my time doing so is to keep on writing – every single day. No matter how clouded your mind how severe your case of writer’s block is. You have to encourage yourself to write a little bit each day and that is how you grow in your craft. It’s like playing the piano or drawing. You’ll only do well if you put a lot of effort.

Why did you choose to write Fan Fiction?

It’s actually so funny why I chose Fan Fiction out of all the other categories. The first time I ever saw 5 Seconds of Summer was at my One Direction concert. They were opening for them and right away, I was so attracted to Calum. I couldn’t stop staring at him play his bass and sing his solos. As cheesy as it sounds, it felt like love at first sight. The day after the concert, I started imagining what it would feel like to date a band member and more specifically, Calum Hood. My fantasies were so corny and unrealistic, but I had to write them down on paper. Now to think of it, I’m really glad I chose to write Fan Fiction. It’s one of the best things ever.

What is your favorite part of writing Fan Fiction?

My favourite part of writing Fan Fiction is planning out the story line. Being able to choose what happens from beginning to end makes me feel so in control. It almost feels like I’m the boss. The queen, even. I get to change the ending or certain details like what color a character’s hair is whenever I feel like it and that honestly is the best part.

What fandom do you think would be the hardest fandom to write in?

I think the One Direction fandom is the hardest fandom to write in because there is just too many expectations from people. It throws a whole lot of pressure on my back and the thought of writing a Harry fanfic scares the living daylights out of me. I’m no Anna Todd and even if I tried to write a successul One Direction story, I would instantly fail. But who knows? I might try it out in the coming future 😉

What’s been the best compliment you received from a fan?

I receive a ton of comments everyday, so I necessarily can’t choose the best one. Recently, though, someone commented saying she would punch the person who broke my heart and inspired me to write such a heartfelt book. It made my entire day!

Who are your favorite published authors?

Some of my favorite authors include Jenny Han, James Dashner and Harper Lee. Their writing styles make me want to cry my eyes out. They’re just so amazing.

What advice do you have for Wattpad writers?

The number one advice I could give out to other Wattpad writers is: write for the sake of writing. Don’t do it for the fame and comments, but do it because YOU want to. Writing is an art and if you forget what others think and do your very best, you will end up writing a masterpiece.

Who is your favorite Wattpad writer?

My favorite Wattpad writer is @hepburnettes. Every story she posts manages to entrap me and honestly? I don’t regret it all. I look up to her so much and I hope she gets to read one of my stories one day.

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