#Wattpad Writing Wednesday: PenderRuth

It’s time again, for our Wattpad writer of the week. But this weeks writer is Penderruth. She’s got some amazing insight to writing on Wattpad.

She has three published works on Wattpad, starting with a one shot. Her writing is like poetry – flowing easily and drawing you through to the end.

When did you start writing on Wattpad?

I started writing on Wattpad in the summer of 2012, right before my senior year of high school.

What inspired you to write on Wattpad?

I was just getting really involved in fandom at the time, and one of my closest friends told me she had started writing. I read her work, decided that I wanted to try it, and then banged out my very first one-shot fanfic that night and published it.

What has writing on Wattpad taught you?

Oh my god, so much. The biggest thing is that I’ve really gotten an idea of how my writing can impact people. Outside of Wattpad, writing is in a vacuum. It’s very isolating, and it’s easy to feel like it doesn’t matter what you write. But because Wattpad is so community based, I get immediate feedback and reviews from readers. The support (and sometimes, helpful critique!) from people is astounding. It really makes you realize that there are people out there who care what you do, and love what you do.

Why did you choose to write Fan Fiction?

I just always get so immersed in the world of shows, books, and movies I love. I can never seem to let it go, so rather than just thinking about the characters and settings I adore so much, Fan Fiction allows me to become an active participant. I can express my love for what others have created in a unique way.

What is your favorite part of writing Fan Fiction?

Honestly, it’s an amazing exercise in character. It’s one thing to write for a character you created; it’s another enterprise entirely to inhabit the mind, mannerisms, and personality of someone else’s creation. It’s a great skill to work towards, and one that can only help me in my own writing. I look at writing Fan Fiction as the ultimate test at the writing skills I’ve been building up for so long.

What fandom do you think would be the hardest fandom to write in?

That’s such a hard question! They all present their own challenges, but The Lord of the Rings is a fandom that I’ve never even attempted to write in. J.R.R. Tolkein just created a world that is so incredibly huge, I always feel like I don’t know enough background to properly write for it.

What’s been the best compliment you received from a fan?

All the support I get from people is so amazing! I get a lot that are along the lines of, “how could you do this to me??” and I feel bad for causing people pain but, hey, that’s the writing game for you. I had one person tell me, in all caps, “I NEED THIS MORE THAN AIR” and I felt like that was the ultimate compliment.

Who are your favorite published authors?

I suppose J.K. Rowling is a standard, of course. My all-time favorite author at the moment is Maggie Stiefvater. I also love Markus Zusak, Kristin Cashore, Ray Bradbury, and so, so many others.

What advice do you have for Wattpad writers?

Treasure every single reader, follower, and comment you receive. Even if you only have one person following you, that is still someone who is invested in you and your work, and that’s an amazing thing. On that note, no matter what, just keep writing. As long as you love what you do and put work into it, people will notice.

Who is your favorite Wattpad writer?

It’s so hard to choose! I love so many Wattpad writers and my favorites always change. Right now though, I’m really loving professional_dreamer. She has amazing fan fiction, and she’s a total sweetheart. Check her out if you haven’t already! ( I recommend her Clintasha fic, Budapest)


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