We Just Can’t Even With The Newest Disney Channel Movie

Listen to us Hollywood when we tell you to let some movies go. Stop remaking movies that should not be remade. Stop furthering movies that need to be let go.

Let the past be the past. Let the good movies stay the good movies.

Don’t ruin the classics.

And yes, I consider, Adventures in Babysittingto be a classic. And unless a sequel or a remake stars Elisabeth Shue – I don’t even want to see it.

Guys, I love me some Disney Channel. It’s a guilty pleasure. But their upcoming movie, Further Adventures in Babysitting. Just say no.

The Disney Channel movie will star Sabrina Carpenter of Girl Meets World and Austin & Ally‘s Sofia Carson. 

There were other Disney Channel movies announced, but our focus is on this one.

Now we’re not trying to be rude – who knows, we could be eating crow eventually.

“We know these four young actresses all have the potential for extraordinary careers, and we’re excited to give them new opportunities to showcase their talents. We’re especially proud of Rowan and Sabrina, as they have helped drive the success of our hit series Girl Meets World,”Adam Bonnett, Disney Channel’s executive vice president, said in a statement. “These new movies bring our viewers comedic and heartfelt stories that the entire family can enjoy together, and I’m particularly thrilled to introduce a new take on a personal favorite,Adventures in Babysitting, to a whole new generation.”

What do you think about this Disney Channel movie?


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