We’re Calling BS Meghan Trainor – You Had to Have Known This

Maybe we’re the only one that feels this way – but when a celebrity says that they didn’t know that the world would want to know about their love lives – we call bullshit.

Yes, we mean that.

Gossip rags, inquiring minds, blogs – they have all been around forever. The world hangs on every picture, every word – anything that we can get from a celebrity. So when Meghan Trainor told ET, “I didn’t realize the whole world wanted to know about it, so I didn’t know how to deal with that but I’ll learn.”


Did you live under a rug?

Now we’re advocates for privacy and a person’s personal life is – well, personal.

But we’re pretty positive that your people had to have warned you that shit like this would come.

This all came up because speculation on Meghan’s love life made it’s way around the internet. A picture with Nick Jona’s assistant made it’s way around the internet (see the picture above) – and so everyone thought they had to be dating.

Now we’re all for love staying between the two people who are in love – but let’s not fool each other here Meghan – you knew the world would want to know about your love life.


photo: Cory Anderson’s Instagram

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