‘We’re the Millers’ Out on DVD Today


imagesWe’re the Millers is out on DVD today with lots of extras. Now, I picked up my copy cause it’s hilarious. Have you? Here’s what you get in the DVD extras…

Outtakes (11 min.; HD): First up to the plate is “Millers Unleashed – Outtakes Overload” (8 min.), a featurette

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about the improvisational bent to We’re the Millers. The real highlights aren’t all the talking head interviews but the line-o-rama onslaught, and just about every last one of the improvs here are straight-up genius. If you can’t get enough, there’s a separate three minute outtake/gag reel, although it doesn’t stack up to the best bits from “Millers Unleashed”.

Deleted Scenes (16 min.; HD): You get a few different versions of the South of the Border blowjob bargaining, some post-not-coital squabbling, Kenny getting checked out of the hospital, and some more of Mr. Ben Folds on the piano doing an old favorite.

Behind the Scenes (25 min.; HD): There are nine micro-featurettes scattered around different headings on this Blu-ray disc too, among them crafting the ultimate Orca-obsessed douchebag, making over the Millers into an all-American family, a Spartacus riff, everything you’d want to know about shooting a comedy in an RV for months on end but were afraid to ask, shooting with real tarantulas and a fake testicle the size of a pineapple, and those nasty rumors that We’re the Millers was a front to smuggle bales of actual weed all the way to Los Angeles. Nothing really amazing but decent enough all around.

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