What does Willow Shields think of Finnick?

Willow-400x300One of our favorite things about DVD releases is that we can count on lots of press and that means we’ll get to know more and more about our favorite actors and actresses.

Catching Fire comes out on DVD March 7th. Willow Shields talked with Socialite Life about everything Hunger Games.

Her favorite thing about Katniss and Primrose’s relationship…

My favorite thing is that we really realize that bond from the beginning. The whole reason Katniss goes into The Hunger Games is to save her sister. I think it’s such a strong bond from the beginning and travels on throughout the whole series. There’s a sort of role reversal where Prim is really there for Katniss, but they always have that strong bond throughout the whole series.

What’s her favorite scene in the movie…

I really loved seeing all the scenes in the arena because I’m filming scenes in District 12. But when they to all the scenes in the arena I haven’t really seen any glimpses of what’s going on in the arena, or what they’re filming for the arena scenes. I’m like a fan going to see the movie because I almost don’t know what to expect in the arena scenes.

On Finnick…

I really liked Finnick, too and I thought it was fun to see Sam [Claflin] bring that character to life. I really enjoyed seeing Jena [Malone] play Joanna. It’s such a different character for the series. It was fun to see how different that character is. It’s a good touch to the series because in Catching Fire it almost added comedy. That was really cool.

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