What You’ve Missed So Far On Season 5 Of “The Last Ship’

I have been watching The Last Ship since it first aired in the Summer of 2014 and I’ve loved every minute. The fifth and final season premiered on September 9th marking the show’s first time to air in the Fall. I am going to break down the episodes that have aired so far and then give you my thoughts. For a little preview on my mind, this season has not disappointed and The Last Ship continues to get better each year. What sets this show, its cast and crew, apart from others is the constant hope which keeps winning.

5×01 Casus Belli

In the show’s premiere, the Navy has a fleet and no longer just one ship, Nathan James. We pick up three years after the fourth season’s finale. Tom Chandler (Eric Dane) is teaching new Navy recruits. Mike Slattery (Adam Baldwin) is an Admiral currently on the U.S.S. Michener (named after the first President after the virus was cured). Sasha Cooper (Bridget Regan), Danny Green (Travis Van Winkle), Wolf Taylor (Bren Foster), and Azima Kandie (Jodie Turner-Smith) are in South America working in special ops to stop a Government overthrow. There are many more characters to catch up with but I’m going to add them in as I talk about what went down when the episode aired.

Chandler travels to Mayport, where the new fleet just docked, to give a speech and take part in the festivities. He reunites with Slattery and Kara Foster (Marissa Neitling), acting Captain on the James until Burk (Jocko Sims) takes over. The episode started off very upbeat which had me on the edge of my seat, waiting on the other shoe to drop. I didn’t have to wait long. During the events of celebration, multiple planes flew in and attacked the new fleet, destroying all of the ships.

Now, I had been waiting on the bad to happen because…well, it wouldn’t be a television show if everyone was just happy at sea. But, I did not expect anything to the magnitude of what happened. At the same time of the attack, a virus took out the entire network making it seem like World War II conditions. The attack came from a man named Gustavo Barros (Maurice Compte), his mission to destroy America. Gustavo gets pretty close but the Nathan James was out to sea during the attack and still afloat. Slattery and Burk go to the James while Chandler stays behind.

5×02 Fog of War

Episode two picks up right where one left off. Slattery is on the James with Burk and Kara, and the three of them are evaluating what they have available to fight. There isn’t much but they make a plan to resupply and then head South. Kara is new at being a Captain in these conditions but she’s watched both Chandler and Slattery making her more then prepared to make the difficult decisions.

Chandler is in the HQ trying to piece together what happened. When he learns of the hack, he pulls a student from his class who wrote about a cyber attack to help. His name is Clayton Swain (Troy Doherty) and he’s paired with Alisha Granderson (Christina Elmore) to solve the mystery. Chandler has faith in the James and that she’ll call when she can. Luckily Joseph Meylen (Emerson Brooks) has been onboard the legendary ship and trusts Chandler.

Nathan James doesn’t have smooth sailing for their supply run but they come out strong. Slattery needs to reach out to Chandler but they can’t encrypt messages due to the hack so he has to find a different method to code. He falls back on Chandler’s favorite book Moby Dick to tell HQ that they are ready to fight.

5×03 El Puente

It took no time before Tom Chandler had to get back on the Nathan James with an idea to unite Cuba and Mexico to assist fighting back Gustavo. He succeeds but has to fight off an enemy ship in the process. On the James, there was a lot of diplomacy and talk during this episode. Things were much more exciting on land.


Sasha, Danny, Wolf, and Azima aligned themselves with rebel forces. Unfortunately, Gustavo’s men attack the rebel camp and kill most of the soldiers, including Danny’s buddy. But nothing stops our heroes when they have an idea in their mind. The plan was to blow up the bridge and they are going to do it. In fact, their plan works so well, a top general is killed during the bridge’s demise.

Episode three ends with a powerful speech from Chandler, daring Gustavo to take on the James. I got chills listening to it, especially after Kara’s emotional pep talk to her crew in the second episode after the events at Mayport.


The crew of Nathan James has fought Russians, Greeks, and more as just one ship and this season is no different. I am very happy about what I’ve seen so far even though we’ve lost more people then normal at this point. What remains true to the show’s core, even in its final season, is that message of hope I touched on earlier. On The Last Ship, I’ve seen them face odds that seem impossible but they do it because they are a team.

My personal favorite character is Mike Slattery and, I won’t lie, and say I’m not afraid of his fate as each episode airs for this final season. What I love is that everyone is in their element, even if some are new to their roles. The three year time jump had me a little concerned before but they played it flawlessly. So far, season five is setting itself up to be the one with highest stakes yet.

Check out the promo for episode four, my review will be up shortly, with each one coming weekly after that. Watch The Last Ship on TNT, Sundays 9/8c.

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