When People Jump On Stage At A Taylor Swift Concert…

What is it with people wanting to jump on stage with Taylor Swift. I mean if you aren’t one of her squad or a celebrity about to walk the catwalk during style, this is all lost on us.

There are concert decorum standards people and you are not following them.

It was during her concert stop in San Diego that a fan decided to jump on stage and it took only seconds before Taylor’s security team swooped in and was like Oh Hell No MOFO!

According to TMZ, the 26 year old man has apparently been booked for ‘felony, misdemeanor battery and obstruction’, is facing a $35,000 bail charge AND one of the security guards managed to break a rib during the incident.

I mean – was it all worth it? No.

But good for you Taylor – continuing on like a pro. Ain’t no one gonna stop you!


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