We Finally Understand ‘Outlander’ Cleavage. We Get It.


We thought that this was important Outlander news. As many of you know the other day we posted pictures of the Claire on the wedding night and all we could think was that her boobs had to hurt.




That does not look comfortable. I mean am I wrong when I say that it looks like a torture device for women? I can see why a man would like it, but – well, we won’t go there.

Luckily, in preparation for tonights episode, Variety talked with the Outlander costume designer to get down to the nuts and bolts of the wedding dress.

We get it – it had to have been hard to find one for the times as well as one that is appealing to audiences. We won’t lie, we know that it has to be perfect and that’s a hard burden to bear. We won’t deny that the dress is beautiful. The costume designer told Variety, “I wanted a dress that would be incredible in candlelight. And in the 18th century, metallic fabrics were made with actual metal woven into the fabrics. When you put them in a room filled with candles, they just glow. They’re quite remarkable. There are museum exhibits that actually show the dresses in candlelight so you can see the effect.”

But why so much cleavage?

The cleavage is involved in the dress because in the 18th century, there were those kinds of dresses. We’ll see next season when we go to the French court, there’s a lot of cleavage. Victoria’s Secret doesn’t fake the 18th century on their runways for no reason.

Well, no we get it. I mean if you compare it Victoria Secret it makes sense.


As an added plus – we now have some idea of what (well… really we have no idea) they wear under that kilt.

You know what, I don’t ask. I generally make a rule of not asking the men what they wear under their clothes. It gets me into trouble. We lie their kilts out for them on the floors of their trailers and they wrap themselves up. What they put on underneath, I don’t know. I’d like to think they’re riding around horseback bareback, but I can’t imagine.


Outlander, THE WEDDING, debuts tonight.

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