Who is the DARK ARCHER on The CW’s ARROW?

barrowman_arrow_split_a_l The hits with Arrow keep on coming. And they aren’t bad hits. They are the OMFG, I am so glad I watch this show, because I am about to become even more obsessed. Two words, COLTON HAYNES.

Now the spoilers are coming. Who is the Dark Archer?

Well according to The Hollywood Reporter

As it turns out, the tough-love father (previously known only as the “Well-Dressed Man”) wants Tommy to be more like Starling City’s hooded hero Arrow, the archer with a hit list ridding the home he loves from the crime and corrupt officials who have taken over.

And while Tommy (Colin Donnell) doesn’t quite get what that means yet — he’s turned to Oliver for a job at his club — it turns out Malcolm might just be projecting what he wants for himself onto his son.

To that end, Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell) will square off against the Dark Archer on Wednesday’s Arrow as his alter ego faces what’s being billed as his “most formidable opponent to date.”

  • WadeWWilson87

    Arrow has been amazing so far, and I’m happy to
    see so many of my friends that work with me at DISH become addicted, too. Every
    episode gives us so much to talk about, and I don’t mind re-watching it all, so
    I’m saving all of this season to my DISH Hopper. With a hard drive that stores up
    to 2,000 hours of entertainment for me, I never have to worry about picking and
    choosing shows again—my old DVR was guilty of it. Cheers to the slew of archers
    and Colton Haynes’ character, Roy Harper.