Who Killed Riverdale’s Jason Blossom?

Who Killed Riverdale's Jason Blossom?

Riverdale has spent the entirety of its first season asking us one very important question: Who killed Jason Blossom?

The writers have also spent a great deal of time giving us many hints that lead us toward many different potential suspects – so many that sometimes it’s hard to keep track of all of the suspicious characters on this show. While we won’t strive to go through each and every one of them, we are absolutely going to take a hot minute to talk about some of the most interesting (and creative) fan theories as to the mystery of Jason Blossom from least likely to most likely.


Literally the only decent parent left in Riverdale is a lesser-known fan suspect in the murder. Honestly? This one makes the cut purely because of the fact that it goes against the grain. There are the obvious suspects, of course – namely, the Coopers, the Blossoms, FP Jones, and Hiram Lodge – and then there are the ones that are intriguing.

Fred Andrews falls under the category of “Intriguing, but Unlikely.” His involvement would come completely out of left field and, while it would certainly be a twist, it would, in my opinion, be weak storytelling, because they’ve completely failed to lay any trail of breadcrumbs to lead up to Fred. There’s been no groundwork – he has no motive. We need itty bitty hints – little moments that we can look back on once we know who did it and be like, “I can’t believe I missed that!”

There’s nothing worse than having the blanks filled in afterwards.

So, while I’m hoping it doesn’t turn out to be Fred, it’s an interesting and unique theory, and I give props to those who went off the beaten path to explore that option.


While her parents and her sister and even Betty herself are obvious suspects, Betty still counts as being an interesting one purely because of that one moment in which she completely blacked out and showed symptoms of a dissociative personality disorder. This leads me to believe that, maybe, Betty blacked out and killed Jason and genuinely has no recollection of doing it.

But we haven’t seen any more of this side of Betty since that episode, which makes it seem like that trail of suspicion ran cold in favor of some of the more obvious front runners. That’s not to say that Betty isn’t still a viable option, because it is highly likely that the writers have been intentionally diverting attention away from that little character nugget specifically to keep viewers from assuming Betty is the killer.

I say we keep an eye on her. Don’t let them trick you into forgetting that Betty has a serious dark side.


One of my absolute favorite theories is the theory that Jason Blossom isn’t so much dead as he is undead. Apparently, there is a series of Archie comics, titled Afterlife with Archie, that takes place in an alternate universe wherein the zombie apocalypse has arrived and, apparently, a certain Teenage Witch, who is set to appear on Riverdale, is heavily involved in these versions of the comics.

Is it possible that Jason Blossom may be the first to rise from the grave, courtesy of Sabrina Spellman? Would Riverdale dare to take a turn toward the supernatural?!

I mean, it’s not completely impossible. It may be a little far fetched, but it would certainly be the twist that no one saw coming if this, somehow, turns out to be the case. I, for one, am totally on board with this idea.

If, however, an apocalypse isn’t in Riverdale’s imminent future, I have made very clear that my main suspect for the Jason Blossom murder is…


There are many reasons why Miss Grundy is my main suspect, the top one being that she and Archie would literally serve no other purpose in terms of the show’s main plot if they both aren’t, somehow, going to be involved in the murder. Thus far, Grundy is the only one of the “suspects” to have exited the show.

Why would that be? Why write her such a short, meaningless arc? Purely for the senseless drama and controversy?

I like to believe that the writers of this show are smarter than that. With all of the parallels being drawn between Archie and Jason, paired with Grundy’s history with Jason and her taste for teenaged men, and her sketchy past, it has become an overwhelming theory of mine that this woman is, in fact, a serial killer who made her way to Riverdale, chewed up Jason Blossom and spat him back out (maybe because he ended things with her to be with Polly), then moved on to Archie, honing in on the physical similarities between the pair.

Here’s the thing with storytelling – particularly when it comes to mysteries: everything happens for a reason. If you’re doing your job right, no plotline is simply a throwaway plot without rhyme or reason behind it. Therefore, Grundy and Archie’s affair needs to serve some sort of bigger purpose in order for it to have been worth including at all.

If it doesn’t, it was literally a pointless, completely irrelevant bit of drama inserted for the sake of drama.

What are some of the best fan theories you’ve found? What’s your theory? Join the discussion and let us know who you think killed Jason Blossom and, together, maybe we can solve the mystery before Bughead does.

I believe in us, guys!

Riverdale returns Thursday, March 30th at 9/8c on The CW.


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