Who’s Alive? Who’s Dead? ‘Arrow’ Season 6 Trailer Keeps the Suspense


To close out DC/CW day of panels was the standard bearer that started it all —Arrow. The big mystery of the question leading into season 6 is “Who lives?’ and “Who Dies?”We were hoping the trailer would answer some of these questions but instead they leave it vague on who survived. (Though come on. We all know Diggle and Felicity are alive).

The trailer does let us see Slade and Oliver shaking hands, a kick-ass Black Siren/Black Canary fight and a Star City once protected by the Green Arrow. Not shown in the trailer though is some of the villains going to haunt Oliver and Team Arrow this season. Anatoly returns this season and he isn’t the biggest surprise as Emmy-Winner Michael Emerson (Lost, Person of Interest) joins Arrow to cause Oliver Queen some more misery as he faces being a hero and possibly being a dad to William.

MICHAEL FREAKING EMERSON IS ON ARROW NOW. Take a second to think about that. Okay freak out is over.

Who will be left standing when Arrow returns October 12th on it’s new time slot at 9 pm on the CW.


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