Why Ki Hong Lee Is About To Take Hollywood By Storm

If you’re a fan of the Maze Runner series, you’re well acquainted with Ki Hong Lee as the sassy, smart and strong Glader Minho. If you’re a fan of the Netflix hit ‘Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt,’ you may recognize him as the hilarious, yet adorably clueless Dong. Or if you’re a long time fan such as myself, you will always remember him as the kind-hearted Paul in ‘The Nine Lives of Chloe King.’ Either way, he will soon become a household name – and here’s why.

He’s gifted at his craft

No matter the challenges of the role, Ki Hong Lee fully embraces them and delivers. Portraying Minho requires a lot of physicality and endurance, which he does so effortlessly. He has a natural gift for comedy (I dare you not to chuckle when Dong is on screen with his witty humor), but can play the dramatic sequences equally well. Even in a two and a half minute trailer, it’s easy to tell that Ki Hong Lee will hit all the right notes in ‘The Scorch Trials.’ His charisma and passion come across in every character he plays, making them feel all the more genuine.

He has a big heart

Ki Hong Lee’s talent is only surpassed by his compassionate nature. He recently created a Snapchat to interact with his fans and to give us all a closer look at the inner workings of San Diego Comic-Con. He frequently takes to Twitter to thank his fans for all of their unwavering support and to bring awareness to projects that are near and dear to his heart. Ki Hong Lee continually demonstrates encouragement towards his fellow cast members in any venture they’re a part of. Not to mention the love and affection in relation to his long time love, Hayoung Choi, whom he married this past March. His Instagram is brimming with snapshots of the happy (and visibly in love) couple!

He is socially aware

Ki Hong Lee takes pride in his Asian-American background and often speaks on the difficulties of being ethnically diverse in Hollywood. He recently spoke about racism in the media for #IAm Campaign and his experiences being a Korean actor in the entertainment industry. Ki Hong Lee leads by example and is actively trying to fight stereotypes, while bringing more diversity to mainstream media. I even had a chance to speak with Arden Cho (Teen Wolf‘s Kira and a fellow Asian-American) at Days of the Wolf convention regarding her friendship with Ki Hong Lee and how he’s helped guide and inspire her. Through his strength, drive and intelligence, he will invigorate others to engage in honest, open conversations that will bring change. He’s a role model we all can be proud of.

Ki Hong Lee is by no means new to the industry, but it seems he is finally getting the recognition he so rightly deserves. On a personal note, he has frequently motivated me to speak out on the things I feel strongly about, no matter how hard hitting the subject. To quote Thomas Sangster’s (Lee’s Maze Runner co-star) character Newt, when it comes to Ki Hong Lee, “we’re all bloody inspired.”

Why do you love Ki Hong Lee?

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