Will You Be Buying Pieces From Justin Bieber and Forever 21’s Collab?

Look – I want to like Justin Beiber. I do. But lately, his attitude and his holier than thou attitude have made me not want to even listen to his music.

Don’t get me wrong, I think that he has to do what he needs to do to preserve his sanity. Anyone can respect that. It’s life and no one should expect anyone to give up their physical and mental well being for anyone.

I can even respect the fact that he’s been protecting his newest girlfriend. I mean hey – that’s what we all want right? A person that loves and protects us. And in a world where so much of the internet culture is turning to hate – I can’t even fault him for deleting his Instagram.

Celebrities owe us nothing.

But what I can’t get is how he seems to have forgotten that his fans are what made him. You can’t be in the place that he is with out devoted fans.

And maybe that’s why I would never buy his Forever 21 collection. But, I know that some of you may. And that’s cool too.

The collection includes eight pieces including hoodies, sweatpants, oversized tees, and tanks. The clothes look comfortable.

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