‘Will & Grace’ – Someone Is A Grandpa Now

If there is one thing that I have learned about Will & Grace is that they can give us the serious and they can give us the funny, and either way that they do it – they can make us feel deep things.

Last nights Will & Grace was funny, but it was also a very moving episode where my love for Jack grew ten fold. Here’s the thing that you need to know about last nights episode.

Grace Needs Some Loving

Now we know that Grace is divorced and it’s been a long time since she’s had some sausage. Now, we can’t blame Grace for being sexually frustrated. People need loving. But Grace hasn’t had any and though she’s trying hard to act okay, she’s not.

But she quickly figures it out as she tries to correct Karen’s sexual harassment ways. See, Tony, the dude in the office, Karen is always hitting on, helps Grace and she accidentally blurts out that it feels so good to have a mans hands on her. You know what, one can’t blame Grace because a hot mans hands on you always feels good.

Like we get it Grace. She’s of course embarrassed, but like embrace it Grace. Shit happens and the vagina wants what it wants.

Jack Is A Grandpa

We all know that Jack is obsessed with youth. We can respect that because we want to remain young too. Shit sagging south is not a good time. But we all get older and we can’t escape it.

So a little kid shows up at the door and tells Jack that he’s his grandson. JAW ON THE FLOOR. Wills joy over Jack being a Grandpa made me laugh.

Turns out that Skip is Elliott’s kid. Jack and Elliott had a falling out, see – he married a woman from Texas whose ideals were way off from the way Elliott was raised. And quite honestly when she shows up with Elliott to get Skip, I don’t like her either.

Elliott has turned into a cowboy – because apparently Texas stereotypes are coming into play. They come to get Skip to take him to camp. Jack thinks that he’s going to a drama camp, but it turns out it’s Camp Straight and Narrow.

Elliott and his dumb ass wife think that they are gonna send their kid to a camp so that he’s not gay. Where the fuck is acceptance, Elliott? Don’t make me hate you.

Our Hearts Break

Skip is so young and just wants to be loved, so he’s doing what his parents tell him to do. However, the thing is – Will and Jack aren’t having it. I love Jack even more because he heads out to protect his Grandson with Will. Will distracts the camp leaders – and proves that this camp is bullshit – while Jack reminds his Grandson that he is perfect the way that he is.

I never thought that Will & Grace would make me cry, but I collapsed into a puddle of tears when Jack told his grandson that none of this would be easy, that he’d have to be strong, but that he would always be there.

Sure, Jack is over the top, but the genuine love that he showed, made our hearts swell.

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Love Is Louder.

So, when we think that shit is only going to get worse for poor Skip, because he’s going to have to stay at the camp and Elliott has basically told Jack off.

But as they are sitting on the couch and talking about what has gone on – there is a knock on the door.

Elliott lets Jack know that the have taken Elliott out of the camp because of what he has said. Our hearts burst. Elliott pulls his head out of his ass. Skip deserves better.


  • We applaud Will & Grace for taking the issues head on.
  • We hope to see more of Skip in future episodes.

Are you a fan of Will & Grace? The show airs Thursdays on NBC.

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