William Moseley Takes Some Really Hot Pictures for OUT

I can admit when I am an idiot. I can admit when I am wrong. I can admit when I am blind. And I have been blind. Because until The Royals opened my eyes to the beauty that is William Moseley. Actually it slapped me in the face and told me that I need to pay better attention. Cause damn he grew up good.

The star of The Royals, did an interview with Out magazine and his photos made me think a cold shower was needed. Quickly.

Little did we know that the handsome Brit lives in Los Angeles (we will not stalk, we will not stalk) and loves to surf (we will not take this up, we will not take this up).


California has come to be a second home for him.

“My family didn’t have a lot of money, so we would go on holiday in Cornwall and Devon, and I’d surf at Croyde Bay,” he says. “Now I go surfing a lot, and you can really breathe in the ocean. Out there in the waves, you really connect with nature.”

Damnit William, we’re not big sand people, but we guess we will. We’d rather get a tan in our backyard, because well – you know, we’re afraid of sharks, but sure, we’ll be there. I mean no we won’t – cause obviously we won’t stalk.

He lived in London for awhile and tried to make it there, but came to the United States.

“I lived in London for six months, but if you’re an actor and auditioning you’re not really working, and it’s very expensive, so I found it hard living there,” Moseley says. “My first experience was with an American audience. America’s much more open. Americans, in general, are a lot less cynical than English people.” He continues with a laugh, “I think that’s because we’re an old culture. I guess from being in, like, castles or villages you’re always taught to watch what you say, not speak too much, watch what that person’s doing. It’s probably because they used to stab each other, literally, in the backs.”


For now, we’ll just watch you from a far and obsess over you on The Royals. Oh and PS – these pictures are unbelievably HOT!

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