Willow Shields Joins The Cast of ‘Spinning Out’

The Hunger Games was a franchise that we were lucky to be a part of and a franchise that we enjoyed. The cast was one of the kindest – especially Willow Shields. She was young, kind, and starting out in the business. She definitely won us over as fans for life.

We told you about Kaya Scodelario being added to the cast of Spinning Out and we can tell you that fandoms are colliding. Willow Shields has also joined the cast of the Netflix drama.

The show is about a skater on the road to the Olympics, who suffers an injury and ultimately turns to pairs skating. Think Cutting Edge as a television show. Kat, who is played by Scodelario, is paired with a bad boy and her new found partnership risks exposing a secret she doesn’t want known. We’re thinking of all the drama and our hearts can’t wait.

Willow will play Serena, Kat’s younger sister. She’s not as graceful on the ice, but she’s got a fierce determination. Of course the two have a complicated relationship and we have a feeling that will be part of the fun.

Sign our asses up. We can’t wait!

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