Wonder Woman Broke Box Office Records but What Does it Mean?

Many didn’t believe Wonder Woman would even beat Batman V Superman and now she’s taking the box office by storm. But what does it mean for the DCEU?

For many fans of Diana Prince, we knew that Wonder Woman would be a success. Or at least I did. I went into this movie knowing that somehow, this movie would help change the world. Much like Diana Prince herself.

And I was right but it wasn’t because of anything Warner Brothers did to promote the movie. In fact, there was a shocking lack of promotion behind Wonder Woman and yet she somehow beat out juggernaut movies like Deadpool and even the DCEU’s Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice.

So now the question is: what does this mean for the DC Extended Universe? Already we’re seeing a shift of focus. Taking the primarily heavy Batman and Superman centric comic book company and switching it to a more Diana heavy franchise is already happening. From the scheduled movies they released to even the amount of Wonder Woman merchandise in the world, it’s clear that DC and Warner Brothers know what people want to see.

And so along that territory comes another question: Will we grow tired of Diana? The short answer? No. I mean, do men get tired of seeing Batman or Spider-Man take on their villains? No, we just never really had the chance before to see our favorite female superhero take on Ares.

So personally, I think it’s a good idea that they’re switching the focus a bit of the DCEU (if that’s what they’re doing). We clearly want to see more Wonder Woman in our lives so why not continue to have her be the focal point? After all, she was very clearly the best part of Batman V. Superman and she also, single-handedly saved the DCEU. So give us more Diana, the world needs her.


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