#WonderCon Exclusive: #TheFlash Cast Talks Harrison Wells Reveal

Since the pilot episode we’ve known that there was something not quite right about Harrison Wells. In fact, we’ve touched upon it on more than several occasions. And as we watched his story unfold we learned that the truth was not what we expected.

Turns out, Harrison Wells isn’t Harrison Wells. Eobard Thawne is Harrison Wells. But Harrison Wells, or at least Eobard, is Reverse Flash. Crazy, right? We’d expect nothing less from The Flash.

At the end of episode 1×16, Barry became suspicious of Wells’ motives and went to Joe for help in learning the truth. In episode 1×17, we watched as Barry awkwardly navigated the role of someone who had lost complete faith and trust in someone he once considered a mentor and friend.

But the other two members of Team Flash, Cisco and Caitlin, still remain in the dark about Wells despite their revelations in episode 1×15, which were subsequently erased after Barry altered the timeline.

As for how the mood inside S.T.A.R. Labs is going to change, Carlos Valdes told us at WonderCon last weekend that there’s definitely a shift.

“I think (episode) 15 was the start of that shift,” he told us. “Where everything starts to funnel in and secrets start to get revealed and momentum starts to be gained in terms of figuring out that goal, figuring out what it is and how to solve that problem.”

After we got a glimpse of Cisco and Caitlin learning that Wells was not who he said he was in the alternate timeline, we’re curious to see their reactions when they eventually learn the truth this time.

Danielle Panabaker told us that Caitlin is going to struggle with the truth, as she’s stuck with Wells since the beginning and through the tragedy that was the Particle Accelerator explosion. The tragedy that was also responsible for the “death” of her fiancé, who she has since learned survived but not without some metahuman abilities.

“I think it’s going to be a huge struggle for her,” she told us. “Like you said, she’s an incredibly loyal person. You have to imagine that she came back to work for Dr. Wells after the Particle Accelerator exploded and what that took. How much faith she had to have in him to come back after that. So he’s on the highest pedestal possible to her. It would be devastating to have that reality crumble in front of her. She’s not going to want to hear it for sure.”

But as more promos are released and more plotlines teased, it’s only a matter of time before Cisco and Caitlin learn the truth about Wells. And it actually looks like it’ll happen in this Tuesday’s episode.

From the most recent promo, Barry doesn’t know whom to trust anymore. And that includes Cisco and Caitlin. But it looks like Cisco and Caitlin are about to get on the same page as Barry, as far as Wells is concerned.

“There’s something that’s about to happen in the next episode that will actually prove to be a game-changer,” Valdes told us. “And it involves Cisco and it involves technology. It’s this very event that allows the team to further their involvement in finding out who Harrison Wells is and finding the justice that Barry is looking for. So you can expect something.”

Who could forget Cisco and Wells’ confrontation in the alternate timeline that ended with Wells killing Cisco and the fandom going absolutely bananas before Barry ran back in time and reset everything. But just because Barry reset time doesn’t mean we won’t revisit that alternate timeline again, right?

“Yes, that timeline will be revisited in a very interesting way,” Valdes told us. “That’s all I’m going to say.”

Interesting indeed.

The Flash returns with all-new episodes straight through the season finale this Tuesday at 8/7c on The CW.

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