#WonderCon Exclusive: #TheFlash’s Candice Patton Talks Time Travel, WestAllen and Everyone Lying to Iris

Last weekend at WonderCon, we chatted with Iris West herself Candice Patton about all things Flash, including about the two men in her life with romantic implications, her role in investigating Harrison Wells and how rightly pissed off Iris is going to be when she learns the truth about everyone lying to her.

Here’s what we learned from The Flash star about what lies ahead for her character and her nerding out over the time travel aspect of the show.

Iris is going to be real pissed when she learns everyone has been lying to her.

At this point of the show, essentially everyone is lying to Iris about what’s going on. And it’s hella frustrating as a fan. Every week I find myself shouting at my television, “Someone tell Iris the truth!” We almost had our moment of clarity when Eddie voiced his opinion about not wanting to keep this a secret from her. But alas, Iris is still in the dark. So how is Iris going to feel when she not only learns the truth about what’s happening, but also that these important people in her life have been lying to her?

“Girl she’s gonna be pissed,” Patton told us. “She’s going to be real pissed. How could she not be? I think when that moment happens Iris will be so justified in being very angry. We know Iris is kind of an easy-going, happy-go-lucky, loving girl, so I think it will be nice to see her kind of expel all of these feelings on Joe and Barry about lying.”

Patton talked about the betrayal that Iris will feel seeing as the men in her life – the only men in her life – are lying to her about something that’s so huge.

“Joe, Barry and Eddie are the only men in her life; those are the people that she trusts,” she told us. “For them to lie about something that is so huge she’s going to be pissed. Even more than being pissed it’s being disappointed and heartbroken.”

Eddie knowing the truth about The Flash is going to cause some tension between Iris and Eddie.

In the last episode, Barry revealed himself as The Flash to Eddie as Barry and Joe tag-teamed Eddie to help them protect Iris from what’s going on with Harrison Wells. But Eddie wasn’t on board with lying to Iris about everything that’s going on.

“I think that’s what’s great about Eddie, and why I always fight for their relationship,” Patton told us. “Because he’s such a good guy and it’s proven in the fact that he’s actually having a hard time being the only one that doesn’t want to lie to Iris. He’s the only one who’s having reservations about wanting to tell her and having to keep this secret.”

And Eddie having to keep that secret is going to cause some tension between the two, as well as alert Iris that something is going on with Eddie that he’s not telling her. I mean she’s a journalist, come on.

“She’s obviously going to realize that something’s up; that he’s acting weird,” Patton told us. “We kind of deal with that in episode 18. Eddie’s acting different; he’s solving crimes really fast. I think she says something along the lines of: “Are you working with the Flash? Do you know who he is?” She’s starting to figure out that he knows more than he’s letting on.”

They don’t want to rush Barry and Iris.

We know we weren’t the only ones emotionally traumatized after Barry and Iris confessed their mutual feelings for each other and shared a passionate first kiss only for it to be reset after Barry ran back in time. Yeah, Candice feels our pain.

“I think, like a lot of fans, it’s like, oh man we were so close to finally seeing that happen,” she told us. “It’s like the iconic relationship. We were so close and then they’re going to take it away. For me as Candice it was like, aw bummer. But it also makes for really great television.”

But seeing as The Flash is only in its first season, it’s only natural and to be expected that they’re not going to give us their endgame couple this early in the game (hello, Olicity?)

“We don’t want to give that relationship away too soon,” Patton told us. “We’re hoping for seasons and seasons on TV so we have a lot of places to go. We don’t want to give anything away too, too soon. So while it’s frustrating, it’s necessary.”

Barry and Iris are in a good place right now.

With the whole time travel aspect, there are two separate timelines where there is Barry and Iris. In the one that was taken from us, Barry and Iris had admitted their mutual feelings and shared a passionate first kiss. But in the timeline we’re in now, Barry remembers all of that but Iris is still in the dark about realizing her own feelings for Barry.

“I think we saw in the last episode that she was frustrated with Barry coming back to her and telling her again about his feelings after she said, I love Eddie and this is where my heart is right now, and I wish you would respect that,” Patton told us. “That’s a hard scene to watch, but that’s just how she feels.”

But just because Barry and Iris aren’t together right now doesn’t mean that they’re willing to give up on each other.

“Barry’s willing to let that go for now because in his heart he knows that eventually she would come around,” she told us.

Iris is Going to Investigate Harrison Wells and S.T.A.R. Labs.

Prior to Barry resetting the timeline of the events in “Out of Time,” Iris was beginning to investigate Harrison Wells and S.T.A.R. Labs after Mason Bridge mentioned his suspicions. But after the timeline was reset, in the new version of that day Mason never got to tell Iris about Wells, so she didn’t look into it. Well, at least not yet.

“He was the one that encouraged her to pursue what’s going on at S.T.A.R. Labs and that Dr. Wells is not who he says he is,” Patton told us. “I think even with Mason being gone – “to Brazil” – that she’s going to take his advice to heart and investigate Wells and what’s going on at S.T.A.R. Labs.”

Iris Will Be in the Thick of Things Happening at the End of the Season.

Everything that’s happened in this epic first season of the show has all been building towards a showdown between The Flash and Reverse Flash. While we haven’t seen any indication at this point in time that Iris will be involved with Reverse Flash, after watching the new promos that were released we can’t help but wonder what role Iris plays in this?

“She’s very much there in terms of the epicness you’re talking about,” Patton told us. “That they’re alluding to. It is very epic. It’s big. It’s epic. We’d never end this season without it being big.”

So is Iris in the thick of things?

“She’s always in the thick of it.”

Multiple timelines could allow us to see different versions of the characters.

Nothing is too crazy for The Flash even if it’s only season one. That’s been true for the full integration of time travel, which has already shown us two different timelines in which our characters exist. The show dove headfirst into time travel in episode 1×15, where it completely shocked viewers in a season finale-esque episode. The time travel factor didn’t just shock fans; it shocked the actors, too.

“When I read episode 15 and we get to the end of the episode and we see Barry has run back to the beginning of the day, that’s the moment I realized as an actor that we’re dealing with time travel in season one,” Patton told us. “So for the next several seasons anything is possible in terms of all of these multiple timelines that exist in this universe. I know I’ve talked to Andrew (Kreisberg) about possibilities of future seasons. Anything is possible. I think we could see different versions of ourselves. It could be really cool.”

Patton is excited about the possibility of getting to play different versions of her character and seeing the characters we know so well be something completely different.

“I’m a nerd and I love the idea of time travel,” she told us. “For this show I think it would be really cool to play Iris – and all of the characters just to see them completely different than we know them to be. Maybe she’s a drug addict or something. Something crazy.”

Candice had never seen a comic book before “The Flash.”

Candice isn’t shy about admitting that she wasn’t the biggest comic book fan before being cast as Iris West on The Flash. But she’s always enjoyed superheroes.

“I’d never held a comic book,” Patton said. “I don’t know if I’d even seen a comic book. But I’ve always loved the superhero genre.”

But it wasn’t until the show that she started reading comics and actually grew to enjoy them. Patton doesn’t read absolutely everything with The Flash comics because she still wants to be surprised about Iris.

“I’m slowly delving into that comic book world, and I didn’t mean to,” she said. “It’s something that I learned I actually like.”

The Flash returns with all-new episodes straight through the season finale beginning this Tuesday at 8/7c on The CW.

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