#WonderCon Exclusive: #TheFlash’s Danielle Panabaker Talks Killer Frost, Flashbacks and Learning the Truth About Wells

Last weekend at WonderCon, we chatted with Dr. Caitlin Snow herself Danielle Panabaker about all things Flash, including Caitlin’s struggle with Harrison Wells’ betrayal, we might see Killer Frost sooner than we expected, and revisiting her more serious-sided character in an upcoming flashback episode.

Here’s what we learned from The Flash star about what lies ahead for her character, what’s going on with Ronnie Raymond and getting to portray a strong female character like Caitlin.

Caitlin is going to struggle with learning the truth about Harrison Wells.

With the truth about Harrison Wells beginning to unfurl, we can only assume that Cisco and Caitlin will join Barry in knowing the truth about the man they all believed they could trust. Out of everyone on Team Flash, Caitlin is the one that is the most likely to not react well to learning the truth about Wells. Panabaker told us that it’s going to be a huge struggle for her.

“She’s an incredibly loyal person,” she told us. “You have to imagine that she came back to work for Dr. Wells after the Particle Accelerator exploded and what that took. How much faith she had to have in him to come back after that. So he’s on the highest pedestal possible to her. It would be devastating to have that reality crumble in front of her. She’s not going to want to hear it for sure.”

We’re going to see pre-Flash Caitlin in flashbacks

In an upcoming episode, we’re journeying back to the moment just after Barry was struck by lightning and slipped into a coma. The episode will provide us with opportunities to see the characters as they were before the pivotal events in the pilot. For Caitlin, that means she’s fresh off the loss of her fiancé, Ronnie, which means that we’re going to get to see how she handled losing him.

“It was fun as an actor to go back to that person and who she was, particularly her first episode and imagine how much more buttoned-up and cold and reserved she would have been subsequent to that,” Panabaker told us.

On a show like The Flash there are always ample opportunities to explore new things that haven’t yet been tapped. The show isn’t afraid of going all-in even in its first season.

“I feel lucky that we get the opportunity to play so many different things on this show,” she told us. “It’ll be fun moving forward to see how much that changes. Clearly we’re not afraid to play with time travel; to shake everything up when they do it. It’ll be fun to see more of that in the future.”

We’ll be seeing more of Ronnie Raymond before season’s end.

When we last saw Ronnie Raymond, he and Martin Stein were headed to St. Louis with help in learning about Firestorm and escaping General Eiling’s attempts at capture. (Since then, Eiling was what looked to be killed by Grodd in the sewer, thanks to Wells). But it sounds like Ronnie will be making his way back to Central City at an inopportune time.

“Ronnie is going to come back and he’s going to come back at a very tough time when everyone’s emotions are heightened,” Panabaker told us. “It’s going to be interesting to see what happens when he comes back to Central City.”

From what we’ve seen in The Flash’s WonderCon trailer, it looks like Firestorm’s timing will be perfect in helping The Flash in his fight with Reverse Flash, along with The Arrow.

Caitlin gets in on some of the metahuman action.

On the April 21 episode of the show, a shape-shifting metahuman wreaks havoc on Central City as he has the ability to transform into anyone he touches, which includes The Flash, Iris, Eddie and Caitlin.

“It was so exciting,” Panabaker told us. “It meant I got to work with the stunts guys a lot more, which was really fun…[The metahuman] takes the form of some characters, and it’s a nice acting exercise, too.”

“Who Is Harrison Wells?” also happens to be Panabaker’s favorite upcoming episode.

“It’s really fun to see what happens when people aren’t who they look like,” she told us.

We might see Killer Frost sooner than we thought.

During The Flash’s WonderCon panel, Danielle Panabaker teased that we’re going to see Killer Frost “sooner than you think.”

“I have an idea about it but I try to be pretty truthful and take her on this journey,” she told us. “So hopefully you’ll understand when she gets to that point how she got there.”

But just like us fans, Panabaker is chomping at the bit in regards to Killer Frost’s introduction.

“I’m really excited about the potential of Killer Frost,” she told us. “I have ideas all the time. I’m crazy with them, like what about this? What about this? So it’s really fun. It’s really exciting for me.”

Danielle loves getting to play a strong, female character.

One of the great things about The Flash and its parent show Arrow is that it has strong female characters that are equally intelligent as they are beautiful. They work alongside their respective superheroes, sometimes lending their talents to the other, and aren’t afraid to let them know when they’re acting like a dick.

Unfortunately, there aren’t enough strong women portrayed on television, but it’s really great to see a character like Caitlin who is one of the smartest people in a room, as well as an accomplished woman.

“It’s great to get to play a really strong female character, who is intelligent and who is successful in her own right,” Panabaker told us. “It’s just Caitlin in S.T.A.R. Labs generally so she stands up to these boys, and she’s not afraid to take anything.”

Danielle loved getting to play drunk Caitlin.

Who could forget the moment where Barry accompanied a highly intoxicated Caitlin in a performance of “Summer Nights” at a karaoke bar? The moment provided some insight into the levity that Caitlin is capable of but has withheld due to the things that she’s experienced in her life. It was a favorite moment for fans, as well as Panabaker.

“Grant (Gustin) and I had such a fun time that night,” she told us. “It was really, really fun. It went by too quickly.”

But with things getting more intense as the end of the season nears and the showdown with Reverse Flash approaches, don’t expect to see that side of Caitlin again this season.

“As the season progresses things get scarier and more and more serious especially as we’re unraveling more about Harrison so I don’t that there’s a huge opportunity for that this season,” she told us. “But obviously I’d love to see more of that.”

The Flash returns with its final six episodes of the season this Tuesday at 8/7c on The CW.

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