Writer Sally Green Signs 1 Million Pound Deal for Debut Novel

Sally-Green_2740621bNot too shabby. You start writing and three years later – the stories inside your mind get you a huge deal. I mean wow. It’s every writers dream to get a deal of a million pounds.

According to the Telegraph…

After the whirlwind successes of Stephenie Meyer’s vampire-themed books, and JK Rowling’s world of wizards before them, Sally Green has become the latest author to sign a seven-figure fantasy book deal with her novel about witches.HalfBad_2740622c
Green, a 52-year-old former accountant, started writing her debut novel Half Bad three years ago. The thriller, which tells the story of modern witches who live secretly among Britons, has been bought by publishers in 36 countries, from Canada to Ukraine. According to The Guardian, the advances for a trilogy of novels are expected to earn £1million.

Added to that, the film rights to Half Bad have been bought by Fox 2000 and Karen Rosenfelt, producer of The Twilight Saga, based on Meyer’s novels, which grossed more than £2 billion at the global box office.

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