‘Wynonna Earp’ 2×08 Review: No Future in the Past


Wynonna Earp‘s “No Future in the Past” sent Wynonna on a vision quest, revealed the truth about Waverly, and left us scratching our heads at the return of the revenant Bobo. The Earp curse was also explained but…a little hard to understand, follow, or swallow. Unlike nachos. Those are easy to swallow.

Let’s dive into “No Future in the Past”!

That Back Story Tho

I feel kind of bad saying this, because I love Wynonna Earp so much, and I feel like I’m speaking ill will of it…but I didn’t like this backstory. It was hard to follow and I had to watch the episode again and go on a wiki binge, to piece together what actually happened in “No Future in the Past”.

I also felt thrown off by Bobo’s backstory. I understand that not everyone is born bad. I just think that this is the start of something dangerous where Bobo gets redeemed and all of his past crimes get washed away in a handful of episodes. He’s a demon who came from a good man. And true…some parts of that good man are still left. That’s why he rescued and cared for Waverly. But I’m not sure if this is the redemption arc that I want or that we need.

Bobo always interested me as a character and I wanted to see more of his backstory from the moment I saw that white patch on his beard. (Don’t ask why it made it memorable, but it did.) Seeing him as a timid and meek man was a shocker and I don’t know how I feel about his return to Purgatory after the death of Willa, the introduction of so many monsters, and Wynonna being pregnant.

Rosita Trying with the Earps

It’s a good rule of thumb to expect Wynonna Earp to do the exact opposite of what every trope out there has made us accustomed to. I was sure that Rosita would act like a jilted woman. She’s the other. The lover to the man that the main character may have a child with. But this is Wynonna Earp and they don’t do anything the expected way.

I love that Rosita tried to do something nice for Wynonna and that she made an effort to get to know Waverly and Nicole. The time they spent together wasn’t superficial or felt like it was against her will. This was a baby shower for Wynonna done by friends and one who hoped to be one.

There was a real bond growing between these women and not an ounce of bitchiness or jealous lover syndrome. And by the end of it I don’t think Rosita was trying to get to know the Earps for Doc. She was doing it for herself. Wynonna Earp is a show built on strong female relationships and integrating Rosita into their female posse would make these women even more unstoppable!

Hiding the Truth from Waverly

Look, was hiding the DNA results from Waverly the wrong move? Absolutely. But did Nicole try to protect Waverly for the right reasons? Yes. And because of that, I can’t be mad at her.

We do stupid things when we love someone. And Nicole’s decision didn’t come from a place of not trusting Waverly or of ill intent. She knows that Waverly is an adult and can handle demon possessions. Nicole was just scared and didn’t want Waverly to doubt herself even for a second.

This is good drama built on mistakes that come from the heart and are born from good intentions. And as for Nicole and Waverly, it’ll be a stepping stone and a moment for them to learn a little more about the relationship they’re building together. They’ll come back from this and be stronger for it. Of that I am certain.

Favorite Scene from No Future in the Past:

It took Wynonna but a moment to realize why Bobo never hurt Waverly. She chose to protect her sister above all because that’s what family does.


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