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‘Wynonna Earp’ 3×06 Review: “If We Make It Through December”

‘Wynonna Earp’ 3×06 Review: “If We Make It Through December”

'Wynonna Earp' 3x06 Review: "If We Make It Through December"

Despite the dumbass things a lot of our favs did in “If We Make It Through Christmas,” I’m glad that Wynonna Earp is NOT brushing off the pain, fear, and anguish that our group has gone through at the end of season 2 and what we’ve seen so far in season 3. Emily Andras and her team understand that we have Netflix and sharp memories when it comes to the show and family that we love. THAT right sets Wynonna Earp apart from plenty of shows airing at this moment.

Additionally, this episode, this show, and this season has increased its gay quota to my delight. Waverly and Nicole’s relationship is being testing by Nicole’s past, Waverly’s parentage, and the reversal of who supports who in their relationship. And Jeremy is finally admitting to the world aka us that he’s into dudes. I mean, he didn’t lay it down and say it but he was swooning over a guy and kissed a guy. That’s enough for me.

Let’s dive into Wynonna Earp‘s “If We Make It Through December”!

My Babies Found Family in Each Other *wipes tears away*


No matter where I go or what I’m reading/watching, found families continue to be my absolute favorite. It’s the ultimate fuck you to the world and the circumstances that we’ve been pushed into by those who share the same blood. It’s hope, growth, and the promise that we can feel whole with kindred spirits of our choosing. And that’s what Wynonna Earp & Co. have found in each other.

When Jeremy told Robin that he was busy with family when Robin asked him out…I was confused. We’ve never met Jeremy’s family and I thought maybe I missed him mentioning that he was heading out to visit them. That’s when it hit me, the feels and the knowledge that things have changed since his arrival. Jeremy wasn’t leaving Purgatory to visit his family because his family is already there. Wynonna, Waverly, Doc, Nicole are his family! *grabs more tissues*

Same thing goes for Nicole. Her whole family died in mysterious circumstances and the only other person we know from her past is a wife that blew into town because she was Nicole’s emergency contact. If there romance was a fast whirlwind of opportunity & flash romance, then why did she put her wife as that emergency contact? It’s because she had no one else to call if something happened to her. Now she does.

The family that Wynonna and Waverly created is an example to all those alone, lost, and fearful fans that believe that no one will love them or be by their side in the future. You can find family again. You can find love, understanding, and a cure to the loneliness you feel everyday. And maybe, without realizing it, you’ve found it already.

Maybe we’re your family.

The Earper family.

What in the Christmas Hell Are You Doing Doc


Where do I even start? What Doc did, allowing his vampire wife to bite/turn him, was stupid. Correction, it was dumb as hell, ill advised, and the start of a grand ol’ mess on Wynonna Earp. And I’m not talking about from a writing standpoint. This episode was a fun, heart palpitation inducing, gay beauty that made me want to write Wayhaught & Jeremy/Robin in hearts. But Doc, what he did will change it all.

And I understand why Doc did what he did. He was lonely and the woman that he loved wasn’t ready or willing to accept his affections. He lost his child because of a curse and the evil that was chasing them. And he died, experiencing the pain of hell hands on. Doc was a big ball of pain and angst. But it’s still dumb as hell.

Being a vampire is something they don’t need on their plate right now.

Yes, I said “they” when talking about Doc because what he did with his vampire wife, isn’t something that will ONLY affect him. It will change the dynamics in the group, which is already on tumultuous ground since the death of Dolls, Mama Earp’s return, and their looming financial problems since Black Badge blew this Popsicle stand.

Bulshar, I’m Bored of You


I know Bulshar’s supposed to be the big bad. I know I’m supposed to be scared of him. And I know that the Widows last year set it all up for us to be scared of Bulshar…but I’d honestly have the Widows back than this basic dude terrorizing the original settlers of Purgatory.

The Widows were fun, weird, and at one point they were nasty as hell with that head wound/infection one of them had going on. They were memorable. At this point the vampires with the pink fog were more entertaining and scary than Bulshar. (Maybe that’s what Bulshar needs…pink fog. Eureka, we’ve solved the Bulshar problem!)

Even though I think he’s pretty lame, I am looking forward to what he did to Robin. The green goo he forced upon him, is that why he licks potatoes in the future? Was that his plan all along? To make people potato lickers. Well, raw potato lickers because potatoes are delicious and I just had some right now that I’d have no probably licking. But raw? I don’t think so.

P.S. Bulshar looks like the bad guy from Who Framed Rodger Rabbit. Never going to unsee that.

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Favorite Scene from Wynonna Earp‘s “If We Make It Through December”:

The best part of this scene is how Waverly gets shy. She’s dancing for her love, taking a risk and putting herself out there, but she’s still a little nervous like we would all be. Makes me love this angel even more!

P.S. I thought the cheerleader outfit would kill me. I was wrong. This Christmas outfit killed me!

2nd Favorite Scene:

JEREMY AND ROBIN. JEREMY AND ROBIN. DID I FORGET TO MENTION, JEREMY AND ROBIN? The confirmation that we wanted is finally here and I couldn’t be happier. I’ve been waiting with baited breath for Jeremy to be more than the ‘guy lusting after his hot friends but never actually getting into a relationship.’ Been there, done that.

Here we finally get to see Jeremy start to fall for someone, spend time with someone, and get to know someone on another level from his Wynonna Earp family. Also interracial gay relationship on a supernatural show. It’s music to my ears!


Wynonna Earp airs Fridays at 9/8c on SyFy.

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