Your Alec and Luke Have Been Cast! Welcome to the @ShadowhuntersTV Family @MatthewDaddario and @IsaiahMustafa!

It’s that time people! We are getting more casting today. After the casting of Clary earlier this week, and Jace, Simon, and Isabelle already having been cast – we’re down to a few characters left. Luckily for all of us – Shadowhunters decided to give us a treat and announce two castings today.

Who has been cast? Well, Alec and Luke have both been cast – and as with the rest of this casting – THEY ARE AMAZING!

No fear Shadowhunters, we have your answers to who has been cast.

Isaiah Mustafa has been cast as Luke Garroway! Matthew Daddario has been cast as Alec Lightwood.

While we couldn’t be more excited for Luke and Alec and we’re going to bask in the glory of their casting all weekend!

For now, we celebrate. We have the brother and the best werewolf around!

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