Zap2It Finds Out What Would Have Happened in ‘Star-Crossed’ Season 2

I was going to write a eulogy to Star-Crossed, but when I read the latest Zap2it article about what would have happened if there was a Season 2, I just couldn’t. Something inside me just collapsed. Yes, I am fully aware that it’s a television show. I am fully aware that life goes on. I get it people.

But you can judge me as much as you want, cause I know one thing – Star-Crossed should have never been cancelled.

Yes, I said it. If you want to talk about it and be frank Hart of Dixie should have been cancelled. There is no reason for that show to be on the air.

When you read the Zap2it article, you know that Season 2 would be amazing. Season 2 would have been epic. Season 2 would have given it a chance to grow.

Season 2 would have given us everything that we wanted.

If you haven’t read the article – you need to. I can’t even take little parts of it because you need to read the entire thing.


This is just heartbreaking for Star-Crossed fans.

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