Zayn Malik Teams Up With Dick Wolf for 1D Inspired Series?

As we reported a while back, Zayn Malik was rumored to be behind the wheel of an upcoming NBC TV drama of a boy band…how ironic, yes? Considering Maliks years with the phenomenal One Direction before parting ways in 2015, we had our suspicions that his own experiences would filter down into the show and its plots.

Of course, this made us both twitter, and cringe, considering the ‘conspiracy’ nature the Fandom seems to adhere to.

Well, it looks like another turn in the path to this show becoming a reality, as Malik partners up with Dick Wolf for the show. Uber producer extraordinaire, we have little doubt that it wont just be the subject matter drawing in the viewers.

Boys, will follow the creation of a boy band through their sudden success and the pressures the entertainment world places on its biggest and brightest. Sounds familiar, right? But don’t get too excited just yet. The show isn’t guaranteed to go on to series status, but if it does…I have a feeling we will all be quite interested to see what comes from it.

Of course, the show will be inspired by some of Zayns personal experiences while with One Direction. And just as unsurprisingly, creator Simon Cowell is none too impressed but this upcoming ‘tell all’. But considering all the possibilities One Directions world offers for such a series, many are foaming at the mouth. Consider this: Twitter feuds, celebrity dating, wild partying, and…alien encounters?

I guess time will tell.


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