Zayn Malik to Star in Boy Band Related TV Series

Well, it looks like Harry Styles isn’t the only (former) 1D member moving to the screen.

Zayn Malik is set to star in an upcoming TV series about…a boy band! Lending his expertise on the matter, since he did spent five years with the top boy band in the world, he is going to be working along side the Emmy winning team that brought us Entourage. So far, I’m liking the sounds of this…

A source has said:

“This is a big deal for Zayn. He has been keen to get stuck into different projects outside of music and this is the perfect move. It’s a subject he knows lots about and he will call upon his experiences to advise the scriptwriters on the show.”

Now, you surely recall in March of 2015 when Zayn left One Direction to pursue solo opportunities. Could this new venture mean he’s moving away from music entirely? He did mention in a recent interview with Elle magazine that acting is something is he seriously interested in.

“I started acting when I was in school with theatre studies and then music came afterwards. The acting completely stopped because I joined the band, but I’d definitely be interested if I was given the right part.”

But that’s not all! Rumor has it that Malik will also be playing the role of executive producer on the series. With highs and lows, egos, fighting, and backstage drama, we have to wonder if he will be drawing any real life experiences into this role?

The ‘band’ isn’t just going to be for the show. In fact, mimicking the likes of the early 2000’s hit ‘Making the Band’, the group is said to go on to become a real musical act, and release singles as featured on the show.

I, for one, am ready with the popcorn!


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