Zoella’s Beauty Collection Is Now Available In Target


A little secret about me – I don’t watch a lot of YouTube. I watch my friend Natasha’s videos because I think she’s amazing and I watch Sasha Alsberg’s video’s because she’s one of the kindest people that you will ever meet. But beyond that, I don’t watch a lot.

Except Zoella.

I have the biggest amount of love for Zoella. Her fun, honest, and quirky videos keep me watching. Also I feel like the only reason that I know how to put on the little bit of makeup that I do is because of Zoella.

So it’s no surprise that I want her lifestyle collection. And then come to find out that her bath and body products are now available in Target?

I wanna go shopping. The products became available November 6th.

Like seriously. Do I know if I will like them? No. But I want them. And lucky for us, they are now available at Target.

So like my pocket book normally does – it’s about to be screaming at me as I walk into Target this week to see if I can find these to buy.

Will you be buying Zoella’s products?

Photos: Zoella Beauty

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