5 Things to Know from 2×08 of “The Royals”

“Be All My Sins Remembered” is the eighth episode of season 2 of this drama-filled show. That means the season is coming to an end soon, and I am very upset about that. I look forward to the weekly mayhem. I was a huge fan of the transitions of this episode. The way everything moved and flowed together was great! I also adored the music in the episode. (I adore the music in every episode. C’mon! It’s all so good.) Let’s get down to it! Here are the five things you should know from this episode of “The Royals”.

Missing Violet

Cyrus is quite angry, high, and paranoid that the love of his life has been missing from his life for far too long. This leads to an violent confrontation with Helena, in bed, that ends with Duchie smashing a vase over Cyrus’ head. Cyrus continues to worry about his love throughout the episode, and Ted does his best to find answers. Her car is found with signs of foul play. Things aren’t looking too good for the lovely Violet. Ted does bring a locket of Violet’s that was in the car back to Cyrus. As Cyrus breaks down over the likely death of the love of his life, I can’t help but to feel sorry for him. I feel sorry for Cyrus. Alert the media!

Guilty Ted

Ted is definitely hiding something and not just the whole seeing his dead wife thing. The whole episode I am suspicious of him, especially after everything we have learned about Domino. The projection of Daphne seems to be getting more hostile towards Ted throughout the season. It definitely peaked during this episode. She calls him "the King's bitch", talks of how good-looking Jasper is, and that he was the reason she was shot. I think Ted may be having a guilty conscious about more things than one. Towards the end of the episode, we learn that Ted has been hiding recording devices in plants around the palace. There are so many questions over what could potentially be going on with him. Is he working with Domino now? Did he really kill Simon? Can he be trusted?

Mr. Hill

We've been wondering alongside Eleanor about Mr. Hill's story all season. Who would've thought that she would finally guess it? "Maybe you quit the force for a wayward girl who needed your help," Eleanor said as another guess to add to the pile. Mr. Hill then shared his story. Come to find out, he has a daughter. She was his brother's daughter. Mr. Hill's brother passed away too soon, and Mr. Hill stepped in and took the girl in as his own daughter. After Simon died and the people were mourning, his daughter made the suggestion of Mr. Hill going to help them. So he did. Needless to say, I was completely emotional during this scene. After Mr. Hill shared and left, Eleanor put away her drugs! I think Mr. Hill is good for Lenny. He keeps his space, respects her, but also is there for her. He put her drugs in a box earlier in the episode. Lenny didn't like them there and took them out, but after hearing his story she put them back. It's progress. I'll take it.


Prince Liam: the Internet Sensation

After Liam and Lenny started interrogating Helena, the truth came out about who killed Dominique Stuart. It was the Grand Duchess! She tries to justify her actions by saying she did it so that Helena could be Queen. I don't think that's a viable explanation Duchie... Oh, to protect her own royalty and keep Helena as the Queen, the Grand Duchess was the one who got "rid" of Violet. I was terribly sad to hear that, despite not getting to know Violet very well before she was "rid" of. Overwhelmed with the truth, Liam invites the mysterious blonde (We still don't know her name, do we?) from Domino into the palace to show her around and what should've been hers. It was a kind gesture. In an attempt to apologize to her father and their family, Liam shares everything he knows with the girl as she records it on her phone. It's posted online and we see Eleanor watching it on repeat. A comment is posted and #KingLiam is born.

Wrong Maid

Just when I thought the twists would be calming down for the week, another one is thrown my way. Helena tells her mother that she will do everything she can to bring justice to what has happened and strip the Duchess of her title. The Duchess doesn't think that Helena will go through with it because she's has plenty of time to do so. Cyrus will. He rounds the corner with a promise of turning the Duchess in for killing Violet. The ring wasn't for Violet thought. Cyrus spits, "You killed the wrong maid, bitch," as we learn that the ring is for Prudence. HE IS MARRYING PRUDENCE! Helena, the Duchess, and I would assume all of my fellow Loyals were completely shocked!


If you missed Jasper this week, follow theroyalsone on Snapchat. They Jasper-fied some scenes from the episode.


Here's the preview for next week's episode -

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