You Can’t Hide Anything One Direction! See Leaked Footage From The ‘Infinity’ Video shoot

One Direction’s hiatus is underway and we’re still spooning the Ben & Jerry’s into our mouth and using an insane amount of Kleenex as we cry our way through the next two years. It’s not so much that we’re sad that they are taking a break – they deserve one. The boys work harder than anyone we have ever seen.

As you may know – we all heard the song Infinity – which was dropped before the album came out. Now, we didn’t expect anything else from this song, but the thing is – as with all things 1D secrets keep coming to light. Like for instance, clips from a video shoot that they did for Infinity that was never released.

Sigh… maybe we’ll see more of it later.

But one fan (cause 1D fans are awesome and can crack and mystery) pointed out that we have seen some of it – if you saw them in concert.

We hope that they release a video – because we need them back sooner than later.

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