It’s Official – We’re Addicted to ‘The Shannara Chronicles’

We really don’t have any time in our TV schedule for more – but MTV seems to be like “Ya, we don’t care.” Cause they released The Shannara Chronicles and now we’re obsessed and carving out time on our Tuesday evenings. What can we say they had us at Austin Butler.

Now, if you were following us, you know we live tweeted the first episode and had a million questions. But that’s the good thing – because leaving us wanting more will keep us coming back.

If you missed the first episode – MTV released it online.

It won’t be a bad hour and twenty minutes of your life. Trust. MTV also gave us a special surprise – you can binge watch the first 4 episodes.

And if you are as confused as I am with the language in there – well – MTV is breaking all that down for us too –

But if all that doesn’t get you, see what is going to happen this season. You won’t be able to look away.

What did you think of The Shannara Chronicles?

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