Kat McNamara Talks ‘Shadowhunters’ and ‘The Death Cure’

Press for Shadowhunters is in full swing and that means everyone is everywhere. Though the person we’re seeing everywhere is Kat McNamara. She sat down with Composure and talked about everything from The Scorch Trials to Shadowhunters. Did you know that Kat wants to work on music?

I didn’t either. Read below to see what she had to say –

On the magic of working on Shadowhunters: “There is nothing typical about a day on the set of Shadowhunters. That’s part of why this project was so enjoyable. We go to work every day and it’s a new mission – fighting demons, befriending warlocks, discovering secrets of the Shadow World, and so much more. In all seriousness, yes we had quite a bit of both special effects and stunt training. The special effects were more of a technical concern. They would explain to us what would happen in post-production and what actions and shots we needed in order to accomplish that. It was often tedious but it definitely pays off in the end. The training was quite intense. We had fitness training, weapons training, and gymnastics training in order to make sure that we were all in top demon fighting condition. Whenever we had a spare moment between scenes or shots, we were usually in the stunt room on set playing with the arsenal of weapons to improve our skills or learning choreography for the fight sequences in upcoming episodes.”

On finding that fiery shade of red: “Even though I am a natural strawberry blonde, we wanted to make sure that we had the perfect shade of Clary Fray red for the show – especially establishing her look for the first season. As such, I did dye my hair for the show although it took a couple weeks for the creative team and myself to compare notes and discover what the perfect shade would be. I think the team really came up with something great. My hair grows quickly and I had to wash it often because of training and the product used during shooting so I had to dye my hair quite often to keep it looking fresh on camera. My main tip for keeping it healthy is to eat right and drink water. That has so much to do with the health of your skin and hair. If your hair is going through a lot like mine was, I would recommend deep conditioning it with a hair mask once a week or so. I did during production and it worked wonders.”

On her #MCM and #WCW of the moment: “My #MCM will forever be Ryan Gosling in The Notebook. Need I say more? My #WCW at the moment would have to be Brie Larson. She is a risk taker in her work and has some really exciting things in the works. I aspire to follow in her footsteps and become a strong fearless woman on screen and off who has still managed to maintain the charming things that make her an individual.”

On The Death Cure: “Thank you! Scorch was such a fun film to make – we’re all so proud of it. I’m so thrilled to finish the trilogy. Yes! Sonya will be back for more in The Death Cure. They are still writing the script so I obviously can’t reveal anything but I’m sure it will be a-mazeing – see what I did there?”

On if she’s read the books: I am working my way through the novels. They have been on my list forever but I never got a chance to read them until working on the series. I was reading them while we were shooting but I had to stop – wires were getting crossed as I was reading about parallel demon hunting missions between scripts and books. I’ll be finished with the series soon though. I actually really enjoy the books. Cassie has created such a rich world – it really informs what I do on set to know her vision of the character.

See more of her interview at Composure.

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