DC Comics Launching New Digital Comic Series Centered on Malcolm Merlyn

Malcolm Merlyn’s past is about to be revealed in a new DC Comics digital series debuting next week.

DC Comics is launching The Dark Archer, a 12-chapter digital series releasing bi-weekly starting Wednesday, Jan. 13, TV Insider revealed. The whole story will later be available in a single print issue. The series will be available via the DC Comics App, readdcentertainment.com, iBooks, comixology.com, Google Play, Kindle Store, Nook Store, and iVerse ComicsPlus.

While Merlyn’s backstory has long been a mystery, John has always crafted a background for his character from the beginning.

“I’ve had a backstory in my head for Malcolm from the beginning and a lot of it has made its way into our comic and onto the screen,” John Barrowman told TV Insider. “I think it’s always been my job to help the audience relate to Malcolm in some way despite his questionable morals and evil ways.”

“The Dark Archer,” which will hone in on Malcolm’s backstory, will debut between seasons 3 and 4 of Arrow, but there will be flashbacks.

“Readers will learn about a younger Malcolm and how his past is… well, killing him,” John Barrowman said.

The series is set in places familiar to Arrow fans like Corto Maltese and Nanda Parbat, but “readers will see those places from quite different perspectives. Fans will also learn who Malcolm was before he met Rebecca, the love of his life,” Carole teased.

“Since the show started, I’ve always been curious how Malcolm made his fortune. Where did his wealth come from? How did he finance his Merlyn Global Group? The answer to those questions shapes the main narrative in the story,” John Barrowman teased.

Here’s a page from the first issue:


The Dark Archer will begin roll-out on Wednesday, Jan. 13 on digital comic platforms.

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