Fansportish: Texans gift-wrap game, hand it to Chiefs

If this game is any indication, the NFL playoffs are going to be insane. And when I say insane, I don’t mean 30-0 insane. That’s probably just a one off.

(But I’ll take back-to-back interceptions and J.J Watt as a wildcard QB insane every day of the week)

Things were already looking bad when Knile Davis returned the opening kick 105 yards for a touchdown to give Kansas City a 7-0 lead. But there was still hope then. Hope that Houston might wake up, hope that its defense would manage to disrupt Alex Smith into making a mistake, hope that Hoyer would get some points on the board, hope that the AFC was really a much stronger conference than we previously thought. Hope. Hope.

It didn’t last long.

Plagued by mistake after mistake, Houston continued to dig a deeper and deeper hole, interception by interception until, at some point; there was just no way to climb back out. The defense held on for a bit, but for every mistake they forced on Kansas City, they responded with two of their own. And, just like that, the Chiefs won a road-playoff game, broke a 22-year losing streak (Last time they won was also in Houston) and are looking good as they go deeper into the playoffs than they’ve been a while.

For a 30-0 win, however, the myth of the Kansas City Chiefs as one of the scariest teams in the NFL was dispelled tonight. Yes, the won, and they did so easily. Yes, the defense is as good as the pundits say. But Kansas City lacked ideas for most of the game, and if it weren’t for the fact that the Texans were atrocious on every aspect of the game, they could have been in trouble. The Chiefs certainly have the talent, but if they want to go up against the Patriots or the Broncos, they need not just consistency from the defense, but a clean game from Alex Smith.

That’s a worry for tomorrow, however. Tonight, the Kansas City defense forced five turnovers from Hoyer, Smith was less than spectacular, but he didn’t even come close to costing them the game, and the special teams were magnificent. And that’s enough for Kansas City to hope that maybe, just maybe, they can make some noise in the playoffs.

Whether they now have to do it in New England or Denver will be resolved tonight.

Game Ball To…

The entire Kansas City defense. A shutout, in the playoffs, playing on the road? There hasn’t been one since Carolina beat the Giants in 2005.

Next up

Kansas City will play in the divisional round of the playoffs next Saturday at New England or Sunday at Denver. It all depends on the outcome of tonight’s game between the Steelers and the Bengals. If the Steelers win, the Chiefs will play Saturday against the Patriots. If Cincinnati wins, they’ll play Sunday against the Broncos.


  1. I’m really feel better if I’m the Broncos because this reminded me of the hurt Manning game. And if they do play Denver next week, they will get a whole different Broncos team. Wonderful recap Lizzie!

    PS : I told you though Texans should have benched Hoyer at half 😛

  2. What a crazy game! I only wish this were the sort of crazy game that ended up being at least kind of close. Blowouts are never fun. What happened to this offense-heavy league that we now live in? Praying for points in the Steelers/Bengals game. Or just praying that they don’t kill each other.

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