‘Once Upon A Time’: Wes Brown to play Gaston

Oh, Once Upon A Time, you always do this to us. You always make us wish for the impossible.

Variety is reporting that “True Blood” alum Wes Brown, who has also appeared in “90210,” “Heart of Dixie,” and “Private Practice,”  has been tapped to play Gaston in our favorite fairy tale show, in at least one episode, during the back-half of season five. We already saw a “Sir Gaston” in the first season of Once Upon A Time, that time, played by Sage Brocklebank, but the fact that they’re essentially recasting the role means either Brocklebank wasn’t available or they wanted a new actor because they have big plans for Gaston?

Look at that face. One can only hope.

From what we know so far, this story-line will take viewers back to Belle’s (Emilie de Ravin) time before Rumple (Robert Carlyle). And since they already did a twist on Beauty and the Beast, why not do a twist on cartoon villain Gaston? Maybe he can be a good guy! Maybe …*gasp* he can even be a real love interest for our Beauty.

Wishful thinking, we know. But Belle deserves a fairy-tale of her own, even if it’s not the one we’re already familiar with.

Once Upon A Time returns to ABC with new episodes on March 6th.

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